Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Saint Lucians Urged To Expect Showers Over The Next Three Days

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The Saint Lucia Meteorological Services says moderate rainfall is expected over the Island during the next 72 hours, raising the possibility of flooding in areas prone to such hazards.

On Tuesday, Meteorological Services Director Andre Joyeux issued an advisory indicating that showers associated with a trough system are affecting the Southern Windward Islands.

Forecasters expect rainfall from Tuesday into Thursday with the possibility of heavy showers and thunderstorms.

“The Saint Lucia Meteorological Services is monitoring the situation and will issue a flood warning for Saint Lucia if conditions warrant,” Tuesday’s advisory disclosed.

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It urged residents and motorists, especially in areas prone to flooding, to be vigilant and exercise caution.

In addition, the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services called on all residents to pay attention to its announcements and those issued by the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).

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  1. Obviously a picture of any such corner in Castries would look s bit strange to me today; I can remember opposite to ‘Bata’ was the ‘Corporative Bank’ and Mr. McNamara was the Manager. Before leaving St. Lucia 65 Years ago, I did leave some crumbs in there, but forget it. I’m now in the folding Arms of the one who’s been taking care of me, My Father Lord God loves St. Lucia.

  2. That corner has not changed in 50+ years!

    That’s the corner of Brazil St. & Bridge St. where the old Bata store used to be; just before the bridge to the Ice Factory & the old Police Headquarters.

  3. St. Lucia has changed so much, I can’t recognize this place. can someone please tell me where this is? much appreciate it, thanx.

  4. The Met office can only see the rain after it passed through. Their predictions are forever wrong. Parwol bor lawe

  5. “Saint Lucians Urged To Expect Showers Over The Next Three Days.”
    SLT, you can do better than that. Instead of “Urged” try informed, warned, told among others. Generally, you guys are okay.

    • @ Poule Foo, I was saying the same thing.

      It seems the person was asleep while writing this. Lol

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