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Updated on June 2, 2020 10:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 10:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 10:26 am

Saint Lucians Urged To Report Persons Entering From Travel Restricted Areas

Saint Lucians have been urged to report people entering this country from countries on which travel restrictions have been placed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 here.

“If you have information on anyone coming in from an area of restriction in the last 14 days, please notify the public health officials or the police,” Prime Minister Allen Chastanet encouraged on his official Facebook page.

The PM asserted that  by communities working with  the authorities in their response to COVID-19, “we are better strengthened in reducing the possible spread of the virus.”

Chastanet spoke against the backdrop of reports that individuals who were in quarantine in the North of the Island had escaped the facility, but were returned.

He recalled that on Friday, March 20, the Rodney Bay Public Health Facility opened to facilitate increasing numbers of returning nationals requiring quarantine and isolation.

According to Chastanet, by Sunday, March 22, there were over 100 people in quarantine and three people in isolation.

He observed that over the past two days, the facility has been challenged by persons in quarantine attempting to abscond.

However, the PM disclosed that persons who went back into communities were successfully returned through the help of the police and the community.

Saint Lucia’s Department of Health and Wellness has imposed travel restrictions on several jurisdictions to restrict the entry of COVID-19 here.

The countries include Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Italy, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom (UK), Germany and France.

Nationals of these countries will be allowed entry, but upon entry to Saint Lucia those with a travel history to any of the mentioned countries will be quarantined for 14 days to be monitored for the development of symptoms, an advisory on the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority website says.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded three ‘imported’ cases of the Coronavirus.


  1. Something about precaution being better than cure. Didn’t heed advice when even the most simple of person said to shut down the country. Now y’all like headless chickens.

    • Smh some of you are so ignorant eh what the hell they staying on ship todo they need to send the cruise ship workers back to their homeland upon arrival quarantine if necessary right now everyone wants to be home with their family cruise ships has to be shut down and sanitized throughly

  2. The ignorant Dennery boys that going Martinique and bring people back for a few dollars not realizing they can get sick too. The woman that escape quarantine is Dennery she reach I tell you that place have some stupid people putting others at risk. They have men working on cruise ship their woman have other men and them men coming back from cruise ship no quarantine and the woman with them and with the other man ……they have a place always full up with crowd of people whole night curfew is joke Smh

  3. What about us crew members that are st. Lucia national why can’t we return home? Can they be any arrangements made for us to return home?

    • They need to leave all y’all where y’all at , cause when y’all get here y’all don’t want to stay quarantined ! Stay your might-have-corona-ass over there .! ps. I work on a ship too . You can’t come here risking an outbreak ! You’ll be fine over there .. sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. The authorities seriously believe that people will come to report who was in an area exposed to the virus? I can understand if persons come in through places that are not controlled like Louvert, however the customs officers at the airports and ports should be able to read a passport stamp to see where persons coming in have been. This is where enhanced servillance can help. If the authorities are careless what you you expect of persons who have no regard for others.

  5. There was ample opportunity to return, remember we have a fragile health system. The PM has to protect the country and right now the risk of bring more persons in, from affected areas out weighs the reward. Your employer during this time has a duty to you, you guys should explore the options available. We will get through this.

  6. @Blessed. The most real response to dem kinda foolish questions. Thank you. Where the hell they wanna go? Stay their damn self where they are. What they want to come an do in Lucia? Choops.

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