Saint Lucians Urged to Wear Red In Memory Of Botham Jean

Saint Lucians and Caribbean people are being urged by the Justice for Botham Movement to wear red Tuesday, in memory of Botham Jean.

Tuesday November 6, 2018 will mark two months since the 26 year old Saint Lucian was shot dead in his own home by a “trigger happy” female Dallas Police Officer, Nicole David, one of the members of the Justice for Botham Movement observed.

Nicole David

David explained that red was Botham Jean’s favourite colour.

“We want justice,” David asserted.

She said the Justice for Botham Movement wants Amber Guyger, the Dallas Officer who shot Jean, to pay for what she did.

According to David, justice will be served even if outside of the legal system

Explaining what she meant, the Saint Lucian soca music artist observed that Amber Guyger will never be the same.

“ Amber knows she did something wrong and there is no way that you could consciously know that you have done something wrong and live with yourself- there is no way,” David said in an interview Monday.

In addition to urging persons to wear red in memory of Botham Jean, David has invited persons to visit the Botham S. Jean Facebook page and post photos of themselves wearing red with the hashtag: #justiceforbotham.


  1. So what about all the other murders here. Why we not wearing colours for them. Before that I never saw the Jean family coming on TV talking about crime.

  2. Enough with Botham Jean what about Mary ratcliffe gizzele Georges and the host of others who were murdered is he more important than them?

  3. It’s like only botham Jean is important ….not because his parents were government employees, deos’nt make him any different.

  4. Who the hell you’ll think this man was. It’s over life goes on we have more important things to deal with . Let the law handle that. F**ck man

  5. Who the hell you’ll think this man was? Hope he comes back alive. That’s why this nation is so g backwards smh n It’s Kimbely’s turn

  6. So what about the other Saint Lucian men who got murdered in Saint Lucia, why arent we wearing colors for them as well, so because Botham lived in the great America and his mom was a PS at a Ministry we have to treat the deceased as some king? I think this is idol worship to the level yawll taking this, may he rest in peace, life goes on.

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