Saint Lucians Warned Against Substance Abuse Amid Carnival Celebrations

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As the nation readies for the culmination of Carnival celebrations, the Substance Abuse Advisory Secretariat has warned about the dangers of irresponsible behavior in the use of alcohol and illicit drugs.

Deputy Coordinator of the Secretariat, Ms. Joanna Joseph-Henry, said it is important to avoid the harmful use of alcohol and tobacco and keep away from second hand-smoke.

“These substances cause serious health risks and also increase the risk of contracting COVID 19 and its complications. We wish to remind the public of the dangers of binge drinking. Consuming more than five drinks for men and four drinks for women in one sitting is considered binge drinking. This practice of heavy alcohol consumption can affect judgement, self-control and decision making and is associated with injury or harm to oneself and others. Remember the body can only absorb one standard alcoholic drink in an hour and so we need to drink less and to drink slowly to avoid intoxication.”

Ms. Joseph-Henry advises that alcohol should be consumed only after eating, and that it is important to increase one’s intake of water and non-alcoholic beverages as well. She also issued a caution about serving alcohol to minors.

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“Remember alcohol is not for minors and that includes drinks like beer and shandy. Do not drink and drive. If you’re out with friends, ensure that at least one person is a designated driver. Look out for your friends and tell them when it is time to stop.”

The Substance Abuse Advisory Secretariat wishes the public a safe and incident-free carnival season.

Source: Government Information Service

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  1. When all this is done, I wonder how is the Hospital be able to cope with this nonsense; What is the benefit in all this? who is making money and at what cost to the Treasury? if drinking alcohol and getting drunk is a part of this form of an industry, well I’ll be…….shooosh.

  2. If you lack self control and don’t mind consequences you will reap as you have sowed – simply put cause and effect. There is nothing wrong in having fun; however if you do not have any sense of SELF control then obviously you should NOT be out there taking risk with your own life and that of others…….

  3. A little too late for that now isn’t it? Boat rides and Jou overt fetes are where most alcohol is consumed.

    What we need to worry about now is the fact that all birth control requires prescription. It doesn’t matter how long one has been using it for. For a $10 to $50 box of Birth control a woman must pay for a $50 to $75 or even $150(visit) prescription. Utter bs.

  4. Lol!..what a mockery of a shitstem!..notice they will allow all retailers to bombard the public’s disposal with the alcohol then with the same breath warn persons of alcohol consumption…bwahahaha!..another thing saying don’t drink and drive when everyone does it including women whilst there’s no full force to upkeep it…can u imagine the police is coming to an accident seen for drinking and driving whilst they themselves is drinking and driving….bwahahaha!…the shitstem is effed up


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