Sunday, September 25, 2022

Saint Lucians Warned Vaccine Hesitancy Increases Risk Of COVID-19, Variants

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The Ministry of Health has renewed an appeal to Saint Lucians to get vaccinated against COVID-19, warning that vaccine hesitancy increases the risk of contracting the virus and its variants like Delta and Omicron.

On Wednesday, in a statement on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs, National Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste disclosed that 49,193 people had received full vaccination coverage as of the previous day.

She explained that the figure accounts for 27 percent of the population.

However, Jn Baptiste pointed out that twenty-seven percent of population immunity does not afford the level of protection that will reduce the spread of COVID-19 locally.

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In this regard, she asserted that undoubtedly, vaccination is the most cost-effective public health measure in response to the pandemic.

In addition to the twenty-seven percent of the population that received full vaccination, the senior Health Ministry official disclosed that 6,467 people had received only one dose; and 3,172 persons have received boosters.

” As you make a conscious decision whether to vaccinate or not, think not only about yourself but also your loved ones, especially those who might be at a greater risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. Think about the burden on frontline workers, the healthcare system, and the economy,” Jn Baptiste said.

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  1. That vaccine is not the answer. We need a cure for the virus. The ministry of health need to stop lying to the public. God will punish them and eventually they must tell us the real agenda for this so called vaccine. It does not prevent you from getting the virus and being reinfected, yet they promoting this nonesense. Im so tired of this crap. Work on a cure and then rewind and come talk to me. In the mean time I’ll be strengthening my immune system.

  2. How could the unvaxx help spread the virus when the vaxx still get infected?…smh!…straight poop talk from the elites to the puppets to the sheeple’ incomprehensible st.lucians can be?

  3. Free up the ivermectin!! It really works! My family and friends can testify to it’s effectiveness. I am a first responder and uses it as a prophylactic and it works. It also really helps with getting rid of the Covid when infected.

    Ivermectin won’t harm you, as you have been told. It was mistaken with the so-called vaccine. So give Ivermectin a try and stay alive at little cost to you and no cost to the state.

  4. follow the science eh… first they said you only need the double jab for Covid…. then they said you have to get a booster jab for Delta…now Fauci saying you have to get another booster jab for Omicron.. yeah right who y’all fooling. yeah keep jabbing yourselves with that science cocktail in your body..smh.

  5. I fully expected an explanation of the “warning that vaccine hesitancy increases the risk of contracting the virus and its variants like Delta and Omicron.” Disappointment quickly followed; it’s obvious that the false assertion presented was plucked-from-air (alternatively plucked-from-a$$)! I don’t feel very comfortable that my taxes are being used to pay someone to lie right to my face!

    From where I am sitting, I have seen very clearly that the increase of Covid-19 infections and deaths is directly proportional to the number of clot shots given in St. Lucia.

    If there was any explanation forthcoming from the Ministry of Health about reasons for the clot shots, it would come off as ridiculous as the explanation on offer in this video.

  6. All you’ll parties and events are for vaccinated people do don’t blame unvaccinated for the spread leave them alone

  7. Y’all really need to quit with this narrative about this shit being the most effective way to fight Covid b.s. Tell that to the countries with the highest vaxxed rate recording higher numbers than ever before. It doesn’t stop the spread.Since Dec 3rd there have been 946, 462 serious injury reports, accordingly to the VAERS website. Let’s not forget it’s 1% of what’s actually being reported. A healthy person has a 99.7% chance of beating Covid. With the jab they have zero idea how it will affect anyone ans they have given the billionaires 0 liability. All hospital bills are yours if any reactions. So push that jab up y’all MC. I will never take that shit. Y’all know damn well this is about vaccine passports to control who has access to what and where. Omicron is the damn flu.

  8. Yea, ill also think and i always think about how my body could react with that vaccine. You will only report another death from covid 19 , not from the vwccine if i take it and die shortly after.

  9. Y’all can shove the jab where the sun don’t shine. No matter what numbers y’all fabricate, I ain’t taking that. I’m not rules by fear/ hope. Go straight to hell.

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