Saint Lucians With Disabilities Concerned Over Non-Payment Of Stipends

Saint Lucians with disabilities are concerned over the non-payment of their monthly stipends from the government.

The disclosure comes from the President of the National Council For Persons With Disabilities, Merphilus James.

He told St Lucia Times that up until Friday after noon he was still getting complaints from many persons with disabilities around the Island that the last payment they were able to access was the payment for April, which was still paid late in May.

Merphilus James

“So for May there has been no payment and we are approaching the point where disbursement should be made for June,” James explained.

“We are monitoring the situation closely and working with the Ministry of Equity to ensure that payments are made,” he told St Lucia Times.

The President of the National Council For Persons With Disabilities indicated that this country on June 11, 2020, ratified the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities.

He explained that the international treaty mandates governments to enshrine, protect and promote all human rights of persons with disabilities.

James expressed the hope that the development will motivate the government to ensure that it pays persons with disabilities their stipends in full.

He disclosed that the average monthly sum is $215.

However James noted that there are cases where his organisation believes that the sums are not distributed equitably.

“You have people who are in the same economic situation and one may get $200 and another may get $215,” he observed.

According to James, his organisation has followed ‘the chain of command’ and communicated with officials in the Ministry of Equity, the Accounts Department, the Permanent Secretary and the Treasury, in an attempt to resolve the issue of stipend payments to persons with disabilities.


  1. EC 215 A MONTH and they can’t pay them that ……..why am I not surprise as to how it stands now some people who had pay roll deductibles all their lives are only getting what they are getting far less them. A can of Brunswick Sardine is $7.50 in the supermarket and if they are not staying with families or at the mercy of kind hearted Lucians how do they get by. POOR PEOPLE FED UP ! Allen Michael Chastanet must go.

  2. well i guess richport tuna is cheaper 2.24…… i agre 100 this is total nonsense…why are ppl contributing to these organizations and nothing in return????

    i rather save a dollar a day than to contribute to these ppl……surely i will see my own benefit after so many years

  3. $200.00 monthly can do nothing for a disabled person. My heart broke when I saw this guy pleading on the Disable’s behalf.

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