Saint Lucia’s BLM Movement Announces Town Hall Meetings

Saint Lucia’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement plans to hold s series of town hall meetings throughout the country, spokesman Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac says.

Isaac announced plans to hold meetings in Choiseul on July 14 at the Choiseul Secondary School, Laborie on July 16  at the Laborie Primary School and in Soufriere.

He said the date for the Soufriere gathering is tentatively set for July 18.

According to Isaac, Micoud, Babonneau and Castries are also on the list of venues.

He explained that the purpose of the meetings is to sensitise people regarding the BLM movement, black consciousness, social justice and economic empowerment – among other issues.

Isaac said the series of meetings will culminate in a ‘grand affair’ on August 1, which is observed annually as Emancipation Day.

“This Black Lives Matter is not going to stop now – it’s a great awakening and it’s not something that is going to happen for one little moment, one little rally. I think it is a serious organisation that’s needed in Saint Lucia,” he told St Lucia Times.

Isaac observed that there are local groups dealing with women and children, the justice system, human rights and gender relations, while the BLM movement will be looking at African awareness and consciousness and going back to one’s roots.

“The whole question of systematic prejudices in our society, the whole question of economic empowerment and social justice – these are the areas we think we need to give prominence to in the society,” he explained.

According to Isaac, things like poor working conditions and housing, land ownership problems are legacies of slavery and colonialism.

“The standard of living our people have inherited is all a legacy of slavery,” he declared.



  1. No one Should attend that Jackass Meetings .That a****** Clean Face Disgusting Ipar .He’s not Stable in politiricks at all .He Supported Uwp 100%.Now you swing .So who are you Ipar

  2. BLM is IRRELEVANT in St.Lucia.Let black Americans fight and change systemic racism in U.S.A .Stop being copy cats.Don’t bring your nonesense to us in Soufriere and other districts.Ipa find some issue which needs to be resolved here.As for your Africa nonsense,we are St.Lucians, not Africans.It’s time for you fellers to be proud of being St.Lucian.Stop mourning about Africa , slavery and colonialism and encourage all St.Lucians to develop themselves and our wonderful ST.LUCIA. We must have anationalistic mentality ,Otherwise we will remain stupidly confined to a rediculous state of mind about our history instead of progress now and the future

    • Grenadian here, Man you couldnt have said it better! we as a people like to drink bush for other folks fever, these ppl really think that Americans of african heritage care about the people in the various islands? And that brings me to my point we as a people are subjected to how should i put it….americanization lol its a word i coined to explain the Geopolitical and cultural mess we are in. Everytime i switch on my television set all i see is american “Programming” hence the feeling of sympathy with american current affairs. Everyone wants KFC and pizza hut… lol

  3. What nonsense Ipa wants to do here. Do we have systemic racism here? These so called rastafari want to be relevant; want attention and only causing chaos and division in our island. We St Lucians don’t have time for this crap right now. We have enough issues going on here to take you all into consideration. I guess Ipa you wanted to say Rasta Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter.

  4. So IPA only now black lives matter ? You mean it didn’t matter before or did your brain just woke up from some coma.

  5. See how ignorant some st Lucians are. If a white man us going to have a meeting the 43% will attempt but when comes to black people like themselves they have all negative things to say.. St lucia times will not print this because the editor is afraid if white people.

  6. We do not share nor accept your stupid racism comments.Look at the ST.LUCIA FLAG.Does it have black only or black,white,yellow etc. ?We love and care for all our citizens.Irrespective of race,colour,religion or political affiliation.Stop your racist comments

  7. Ipa you said you want to address poor housing conditions. I only hope you and Phillip J Pierre start in Marchand. It is a shame after representing Marchand for more than 25 years housing conditions have deteriorated to the lowest level. I always ask myself why Marchand people continued to support this man for so many years when instead of their social, economic, physical etc conditions improve they got worst. AND THIS MAN WANTS TO BE PM OF ST. LUCIA. SMH.

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