Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Unity Dance Video Goes Viral

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A dance video recorded to foster community togetherness in Saint Lucia’s battle against COVID-19 has gone viral.

One of the organisers told St Lucia Times that the video, produced by the Ministry of Health, has been receiving rave reviews.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet posted the recording on his official Facebook page attracting over 31,000 views since Monday.

“I absolutely love this,” a post that accompanied the video said.

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The idea was reported to be the brainchild of the Soufriere Hospital which wanted to reach out to members of the public with a strong message that would assist in combatting the spread of COVID-19.

The hospital however decided to include police officers and other frontline workers in the Soufriere community, along with the Parish Priest.

“It was in an effort to demonstrate collaboration and unity in combatting this pandemic,” one of the organisers of the initiative explained.

“We zoomed in on the protocols –the 6 feet social distancing, wearing of masks, washing hands. We wanted to bring this message out and more so the message of collaborating, coming together, unity,” the official stated.

Recording took place last week at the Soufriere mini stadium and featured participants  emphasising the need to follow COVID-19 protocols, followed by dancing to the tune ‘Jerusalema’.

“This decision to undertake this initiative is inspired by the song’s message of hope, love and unity through tough times,” Soufriere Hospital nurse, Maria Donaie says in the introduction to the video.

Responding to critics who have asserted that the initiative trivialises a deadly pandemic, the an official noted that there will always be critics.

But it was explained that the purpose of the video was to emphasise the need to collaborate in adhering to existing COVID-19 protocols.

“I think we can reach out to persons in many different forms – we can give information via brochures, we can educate them, but I think we can sensitise persons through different methods and it does not have to be one specific way. You can send out that same message via dance,” the official told St Lucia Times.

However it was observed that most of the reviews have been very positive.

“We did not anticipate the entire nation to be reached through that video, but apparently this is really going viral and many people are giving positive feedback and positive reviews,” the official said.

Headline photo caption: Screen grab from video

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