Saint Lucia’s Crime Situation ‘Putting BCF Under Pressure’

The crime situation in Saint Lucia is putting Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) under pressure, a senior government official has told St Lucia Times.

The official, who had access to inmate figures at the institution, spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity.

It was reported that the remand population at the facility is at its highest in about four years at about 330.

According to the senior government official, it is way above the number of the penal population, those already sentenced by the courts, which stands at about 170.

The official told St Lucia Times that the population of those in prison ‘shot up’.

“It is putting pressure on the BFC,” the official observed, noting that last year, even when the prison temporarily housed 24 hurricane-displaced prisoners from the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the facility had less than 500 inmates.

The BCF, built in 2003 with a capacity for 500 prisoners, has surpassed that figure, it was observed.

In addition, it was noted that the BFC is currently home to some 42 young offenders aged between 16 and 22.

“With more crime, there are more arrests,” the senior government official noted.

The official expressed the view that the situation could be alleviated with the proper functioning of the courts which could result in remand prisoners either being sentenced or acquitted.

According to the official, if persons on remand are sentenced they can then be absorbed into the general prison system and be moved around in available cells.





  1. If the BCF. Is overcrowded, it is the courts fault. In our constitution, capital punishment is law, so why not hang a few of these murderers, and then our criminal population will reduce. Especially, we don’t need their roots in the land! Or call a referendum on capital punishment; yes, let the people decide, if you can’t make the grade! solution found! Forgive me mothers and love ones

  2. Right from the start the jail was built for a capacity of 500 inmates,,that was a big mistake ,we allready had 580 jailed in Castries.So our way of planning things or looking at the future was baddly screwed up from the go.Thats the way we are allways improvising and plugging holes .I think its time we start paying for our dum mistakes lets say for example who aproved the cunstruction of BCF ? Lets get the names of all the idiots that aprove proyects that end up in disasters or dont serve the purpose they were designed for lets get responsible.Then lets make sure they never ever have a chance to stick their hands in another proyect.I bet you the guys will tremble

  3. There is a prisoner right now there that was remanded for over 16 years yet to see a judge ,sentenced or aquitted.He currently did his time release him.

  4. Castries fisherman please stick to your fishing because it does not seem you can understand the issue. You talking about HMP when you do not even know the facts. It maybe true HMP had over 500 inmates, but there was never a time when HMP had more Remands than Penals. Remands never use to years on Remand. That is the present problem, if those Remand at BCF were sentence, most of them would have completely their sentences and released. Thus relieving the overcrowding at the prison.

  5. We built a jail that should have had at least a capacity to hold 700 inmates call them what you want in remand or sentenced its the same they are inside there and that is the issue.The courts were allways in a mess can I tell you since when Mr Truth ? Let me remind you HMP had 580 people detained the day we inagurated BCF Im not going to get fancy breaking down the inmates.They were all under the same roof.BCF was not built looking to the future it was an Advil for the cancer,we never saw or thought were to put our minors or juveniles and our ladies You see we get these mental diareas at times and it would be nice to bring back the names of all those involved in the planning an execution of these proyects Dont you believe we need to become more responsible of our actions? after all its the peoples money that was not properly used capichi Here we are 2019 we must have close to 40 judges are things any better .By the way I was part of the team in the construction of BCF I cursed a lot and still curse till this day.

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