Saint Lucia’s Hotel & Tourism Businesses Unaffected By Dorian

Tropical Storm Dorian has not affected Saint Lucia’s hotel and tourism businesses, President of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), Karolin Troubetzkoy,  announced Tuesday.

 A press statement issued by the SLHTA quoted Troubetzkoy as saying that operations are returning to normal.

   “A Tropical Storm warning must always be taken very seriously and our businesses were well prepared for all eventualities. We are all very grateful that Dorian had no significant impact,”  she stated.

While Saint Lucia stood directly in the path of Tropical Storm Dorian and citizens had braced themselves for potential damage, the island experienced only some light rainfall and strong winds, a far cry from what was originally expected, the SLHTA release said.

“The SLHTA takes this opportunity to thank all those individuals who were instrumental in mobilizing efforts and creating public awareness on a national level during the passage of Tropical Storm Dorian,” it noted.

“Moreover, the SLHTA thanks those team members from various businesses across the country who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that operations ran smoothly. Many of them stayed after their shifts ended, demonstrating the selflessness and professionalism that our industry admires and recognizes,” according to the release.

It disclosed that while the post-storm assessment continues in earnest nationally, the SLHTA will also do its own stocktaking to ensure that the tourism plant remains open for business.

“We wish all Saint Lucian residents and visitors to our beautiful island a safe Atlantic hurricane season and encourage you to continue taking all the necessary precautions seriously,” it concluded.


  1. We dont need a white woman to tell us that. We as a black people need to really see how WRONG that is. THESE ppl come here and rape all our beauty and resources, whilst, our people sink in poverty and filth.

    • Easy boss but I understand your frustration. Colour is still a big deal in this country but it’s a taboo. The younger generation not so hype on that like the old heads and those that are is usually programed by the old heads. They had a problem when King was Prime Minister. As much as I support Federation those who did not in a way tried their best to deal away with the noose of colonialism Trinidad Jamaica and Barbados have their own hero’s and people who look like them on their own money but still many cooperate entity still has and would rather have a shabin face over a dark face to represent them. Now you might see some chiming in saying this and that but to them I say In St Lucia from Bryden and Partners to Lucelec, Wasco, Courts, SLHTA all major hotels what do you see ? I rest my case.

    • Wow, until this moment I believed the people of St. Lucia were better than this. You have shown me a hateful side of St. Lucia that I thought did not exist. The veil of my ignorance has been lifted by your three simple sentences. Blaming your problems on people of another skin color is purest bigotry and a lazy excuse for the problems you have created for yourself. The filth you live in is your creation. White people didn’t appear with bags of filth and toss it into your streets. If you don’t like the state of your cities, do something positive. Have you ever heard the words “Contribute instead of Complain?”

      Raping your island’s beauty and resources is far from a tourism reality. People don’t visit St. Lucia to pillage your resources. We put aside money for months or years just to travel for days in miserable and expensive airplane seats to meet you, share our mutual experiences and hopefully make lifelong friends. We’re sad when we leave because we envy the paradise you don’t realize you have. Why? Because you’re too obsessed with blaming anyone but yourself for your situation.

      Meeting what I thought were the beautiful people of St. Lucia is now irreversibly damaged, all because of your three simple sentences. You have put “white me” on notice that all I am to St Lucia is a source of unappreciated and tolerated white money. Shame on you for destroying my desire to return and convincing me that I should find another place to call my second home.

      Once I wanted to give up my life and move to St. Lucia, knowing it would be a hardship. Becoming a resident was my dream, not that I would be better than you because of money, but because I wanted to be with you as an equal and your friend. I wanted to blend with what I perceived was a welcoming society that didn’t see skin color, because I don’t. I wanted to contribute and leave behind more than I could ever take. I wanted to find ways to make St. Lucia better. My dream paradise is now gone with your three simple sentences. I’ll take your expert advice about how St. Lucia feels about whites and stick to my white world and live in my white oblivion.

      I’ll make a deal with you. When the next hurricane ravages your island and you need a medical ship in Castries or military support to deliver aid, turn away all aid from white-majority countries. Tell the ships and planes to go home because you have it covered and take full responsibility for the outcome. After all, as St. Lucia’s self-proclaimed cultural spokesman, isn’t this what you are saying your people want?

      • If all it takes for you to give up your “dream” on becoming a St.Lucian is three sentences from a random person on the internet(He might not even be from St.Lucia). It was never really a dream in the first place, lots of lucians leave to go to “white countries” knowing full well there are racist people there even at the top of leadership. But we go to these countries for better opportunities because there is not much available here right now. So you see it is the opposite from your position people here know the situation in St.Lucia. Until you live here for a few years please don’t lecture us on our societal issues.

      • I don’t think you should judge all saint lucians by the three sentences that this person has imbedded in your mind it is only the view or opinion of only one person and I’m sure that the people you have met here outway the view of this person hence the reason why you love and wanted to move to saint Lucia im a hotel worker myself and have been in the tourism industry for close to 20 yrs and I have met all races,cultures, nationalities etc and I know for a fact that we are loved all over and we show love likewise please don’t let one opinion spoil the good in you and the good in the majority. Thank you

    • There should be a moderator reviewing the racism and removing it and banning the offender , or reporting them to the authorities. There is never a reason for racism.

  2. The way I read it… Herman was referring to the fact that the head of the St Lucia tourist association appears non St Lucian. And the issue of job taking was relevant to such issues of foreigners being given local positions. This it how I read Herman’s rant. I hardly think any person regrets tourism. And it is far to simple to allow a misunderstanding to colour your vision for an entire country. Stay cool and loving peeps .

  3. Was concern about the Island People of St Lucia and the storm direct hit. Was glad to here there
    was no BIG damage or reported deaths. Its not a misunderstanding about a country. Its deep racist
    feeling against ‘white’ people and how this person thinks. They blame everything in their life and everything around them that is wrong on ‘white people’ . Its a simple solution to vent there hate.
    It feels so good… and it is passed on from generation to generation. It especially breeds well on
    Islands where there is no where else to go. It is everywhere from Hawaii to St John’s. Education is the only thing that can change it. Its a disease, it is hate and ignorance.

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