SALCC Board resigns

Minister for Education, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has confirmed receipt of resignation letters from the board of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC).

The minister indicated that she has responded, expressing her gratitude to the board for their service.

“I wish to thank all of you for your tremendous support and unwavering commitment to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the advancement of the people of Saint Lucia,” Rigobert stated.

“I pray that God will give you the strength and wisdom as you continue to make a worthwhile contribution to the development of our beautiful country in your respective fields.”

Rigobert has indicated that on Monday, Cabinet will name an interim board to oversee the restructuring and transformation of the SALCC.

She is adamant that the challenges at the college are not limited to the issue of money, and that there is a plethora of other matters that must be addressed immediately if the college is to fulfill it’s mandate satisfactorily and meet the demands of a dynamic global political economy.

Doctor Rigobert reaffirmed her government’s commitment to ensuring that SALCC distinguishes itself as the premier tertiary learning institution in Saint Lucia.


  1. G, I have to agree with you. resigning now does not make a change the decision to double the fees. Now the newly appointed board can just approve the increase. THE STUDENTS AT SALCC NEED TO TAKE THINGS INTO THEIR OWN HAND AND PROTEST THE INCREASE.

  2. lol, then she would have said so. Only asses will continue to work with this Government and the most stupid among us will defend the. The clock is ticking

  3. It is a total shame that in 2018, after 39,years of independence and for the foreseeable future we are still talking about SALCC as the premier learning institution on the island. How have we failed to have at least one solid university here? We have two airports while most more developed and richer countries in the region have one. We have two stadiums which we cannot afford. Plus we have successive administrations squandering our meager resources. Like children, playing politics with the simplest and most trivial of issues while our youths waste away in the ghettos due to lack of opportunities and sound policies. Close down an airport and redirect the money to a more vibrant education and health system.

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