SALCC To Continue Virtual Instruction In Fighting COVID-19 Spread

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Press Release:- The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), has announced that it will continue virtual instruction for the January 2021 semester in an effort to better control the spread of COVID-19.

SALCC Communications Officer Mrs. Nathalie Jolie-Fanis, explained that the size of the student population and frequent classroom changes puts students more at risk.

“We have a population of close to 2000 students so the logistics of having students physically on the campus in a classroom space is not as easily manageable as in other schools where there is a set classroom for the students,” she said.

“At the college there are constant changes and movement with our classes and our labs. So we will remain online; as we know, our students are more mature students. So from January 4th we will continue with an online mode of instruction.”

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A prompt resumption of classes is necessary, she added, to catch up on course study from the previous semester.

“We had a later than normal start for the new semester. We started later in September whereas traditionally we would start either during the last week in August or the first week in September. So that’s another reason why we cannot delay the break. The first semester has now been pushed into January so when the students return they will be completing semester one.”

Following exams to wrap up semester one, Mrs. Fanis said semester two will officially commence in February and run for a full 15 weeks, ending later in May than usual.

Headline photo caption: Nathalie Jolie-Fanis, Communications Officer – SALCC

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