Sambo athlete Thierry Augustine makes history

Press Release: Sambo athlete Thierry Augustine of the Sports and Combat Sambo Federation St Lucia has made history for our island and club.

Mr Augustine has won two medals in the different disciplines of Sport and Combat Sambo at the Pan American Championships held from the 21st-22nd July, 2018.

He won a bronze medal in Sport Sambo in the weight class of 100+ kg and a silver medal in Combat Sambo in the weight class of 100 kg.We would like to give special thanks to our sponsors the St Lucia Electricity Services , St Lucia Distillers and Bank of St Lucia International Ltd for making this possible and believing in our athletes and fledgling club.

We would also like to thank to Mr Augustine for taking up this daunting task of representing our country against other Pan American nations.

We would like to thank him for his patriotism, as this was his first time competing in a Sambo championship and he competed for one of the events on his birthday.

Sambo classes are held every Saturday at the Carellie Fitness Centre from 3-6 pm. We also offer a free open day every first Saturday of the month.


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