Samples In Kimberly’s Murder Case Due Back This Weekend

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, has disclosed that samples taken in the Kimberly Williams de Leon murder case  that were sent to Saint Kitts to be analysed are expected back here this weekend.

“Up to this morning I spoke with the Commissioner in Saint Kitts,” Moncherry told a news conference Tuesday.

He said the results are supposed to be collected on Thursday.

“An officer is going up there to return by the weekend, so by next week I should be in a position to give you an update as to the analysis done,” he told reporters.

In response to a question about the ex husband of the deceased who is a police officer, Moncherry said as far as he knew the cop was still on leave.

Kimberly Williams de Leon died from a single gunshot wound to the head in October at her home at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries.

Police had said at the time that her ex husband was a ‘person of interest’.


  1. St Lucians we can never hear or see anything out of this case that’s tricks trust me the St Lucian law is for the law don’t mind them

  2. 01/09/2019

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  3. The circumstantial evident is so strong that points to the perpetrator of this execution-like murder. In my honest opinion, the ball has been fumbled. I hope that I’m wrong. All complaints about domestic abuse should be taken seriously. In this case, it’s quite obvious that it wasn’t. The police are complicit in the death of the deceased due to negligence. Common sense dictates that the husband, and he only, is solely responsible for the demise of Kimberly.

  4. Pleasant news for now hearing from the commissioner let’s hope the results are good it’s has taken to long.We need justice for kim we are waiting for the outcome

  5. They are so many things that the St.Lucian public needs to stand in solidarity for. It’s unfortunate that another daughter of this isle is gone. It has already been said that her ex husband’was’ a person of interest. Let the police investigate the police! How much good ever comes out of this?? We need some changes in this sweet Helen and society needs to stand up, strike or have the country on lock down until some changes can be officially made to stop the nonsense that is going on here!!!!!

  6. “An officer is going up there to return by the weekend” smdh like reallyy!! A young beautiful intelligent woman..a mother..sister of the soil murdered so horrifically…this is the best RSLPF can do!! Lol

  7. I agree with you guys these stick together it’s like a cult.But my my words every pig has it Saturday figure it out our counties lawless I know you you know me it’s just a cult but I will continue to pressure law and order in this of ours do the right thing but we need justice for Kimberley

  8. Will we get all the details of this crime,please.I think we are going to hit a wall,and we are all going to flare,because we need to fill the blanks in this case

  9. it`s ashamed that in this day and time we have to do our samples to St, Kitts to be analyze while we expect our police to solve crimes.
    the police is as good as the tools and training they are provided with, a razor blade cannot cut a tree as sharp as it is

  10. We are still waiting for the results in the Kimberley killing the weekend has long gone.Is it taking that long to fly to st Kitts and back to st Lucia you guys are playing with people minds.DO YOUR JOB

  11. What is taking so long to get the results of the Kimberley case!Its a different story all the time it is rather shameful that the police higher have people waiting and on edge that cop killer is still out there and laughing but justice will come time time time.Our laws are for everyone

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