Thursday, February 27, 2020

Sandals Blasts ‘Fake News’ Of Guest Being Screened

Sandals Resorts has strongly condemned fake news about one of its guests being screened by medical officials here.

“I have seen what I would call a disturbing and unfortunate and totally false video and WhatsApp message going around,” Managing Director of Sandals Saint Lucia, Winston Anderson told St Lucia Times.

“Sandals Resorts wants to strongly dispel this misinformation that is making the rounds on WhatsApp and other social media that any guest at any one of our hotels has been screened by the Ministry of Health,” Anderson stated.

“This is simply not true, very misleading and I would say totally damaging to the country, the economy and to tourism,” the Sandals Managing Director asserted.

He spoke against the backdrop of the release of a coronavirus update issued Tuesday evening by Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Sharon Belmar-George.

In it, the Department of Health and Wellness confirmed the arrival on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, of a non-national from ‘a nearby territory’ via a private yacht.

“In keeping with our national response protocols, the individual has been placed on medical quarantine at a public health facility and the necessary assessments are being undertaken,” the statement said.

Sandals Managing Director Winston Anderson told St Lucia Times he wanted to make it abundantly clear that  there was no affiliation with Sandals and as far as he knows, any hotel in Saint Lucia.

“It is simply a false rumour and totally fake news,” Anderson declared.

He expressed the view that the person spreading such information must be insane.

“This person must be sick because they have no idea what they are doing and the damage they can potentially cause to the 180,000 people in Saint Lucia and to the Caribbean,” Anderson told St Lucia Times.

Sandals currently operates three resorts here.

The Department of Health and Wellness  in its latest coronavirus update Tuesday evening, assured the public that established protocols and guidelines are being followed to ensure the protection of the health and safety of  medical practitioners, clients and the general public.

It said that further updates will be provided as relevant details become available.

Social media has been awash with a flurry of messages and information in relation to the statement issued by the Department of Health and Wellness.


  1. When you have a prime mister who lies on a regular basis all TRUST is lost. No one knows what is fact or fiction in our fair Helen anymore

  2. Mr Highgrade I am amazed that your name does not help you and your so called grade. How does spreading a damaging rumour like that help Dem dirty bwyes in yellow’s agenda. I don’t think am blind, but I just don’t see it. This could be a national crisis but here you talking colour. You are so misguided it is unbelievable

  3. God put hands PJP will fix St Lucia Allen Chastent is the PM of St Lucia 🇱🇨 whether you all like him or not.He is not the only one that is lying.Fake News all over people use your brain don’t let people use it for you.politics is a dirty thing.

  4. SMH. What have we allowed politics to do to our brains. This is a serious issue of concern . let’s see wats nxt people. God please protect us in St. Lucia. Government’s fail us but God doesn’t. One love.

    • Politics is imbedded in our daily lives here on this island. The politicians made it so to benefit only them but the saddest part is the majority are blind to this fact, because their survival depend on politics. For instance, when Pierre who is in opposition questioned this administration on its efforts to protect the masses from the virus before it was as so wide spread, l some fools took issue with his motive. Who gives a dime about motive, if it is to protect our well being , without preconditions. Everyone is self centered, and doesn’t care about country as a whole, except if it benefits oneself. It must be understood that tourism will take a hit even without fake news. Cruise ships are disallowed entry into most ports whether there is suspicion of the virus on board or not. At this time, the people’s protection should be first and foremost. Fake news are coming from both sides of the isle, some due to ignorance and some are deliberate to protect their interest.

  5. Oh ! Well well well, the estude quadmatic comrade with a dash of. Yellow leprechaun I might add. The projectory of your Dutty Bawye dem in yellow is always to underscore undermined the economic importance of Sandals to the economic stability and development of St Lucia because they have done little with their objectives to date that’s producing the same results. Let me break that down for you as if you don’t know HATERS. Now on my subtitle yellow praytel, Lucian Highgrade (Patten pending) is the name of my company The St. Lucian Highgrade Goup of Companies to be exact which I hope will make you proud one day to see it trading at the opening bell as the first conglomerate from these shores, yes yes yes I do dream big and I am determined to do this before you die. Dam that only gives me a relative short space of time ; oh well.

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