Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sandals Helps Raise Environmental Awareness Through Children’s Literature


Press Release:– Staying true to its commitment to give back to youth – and spotlight the environment – throughout the Caribbean, The Sandals Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International, and Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours, the World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company, together have raised more than US $12,000 towards their continued commitment to increase environmental awareness amongst children.

The Sandals Foundation partnered with Island Routes to leverage its community based-tour, the Reading Road Trip, by using funds raised to purchase thousands of environmental awareness story books, games and resources.

Reading Road Trip is aimed at enhancing literacy levels and education across the Caribbean by encouraging island visitors to bring the excitement of reading to children at local kindergarten and primary schools on a weekly basis. 

This donation also forms part of the Foundation’s efforts to increase its environmental engagement to 100,000 people over the next ten years. All resources have been dispatched across the eight islands where Sandals and Beaches operate and will support the libraries of the various schools.

Heidi Clarke, Executive Director at the Sandals Foundation, says the key to the sustainable protection of the region’s environment is the engagement of the young.

“Children are our best assets in developing a culture which practices positive environmental habits and change. By engaging schools, we can effectively build within our students, a deep appreciation for the Caribbean’s eco-systems and harness within them those positive behaviors that seek to conserve and protect our land and marine resources.”

Ryan Terrier, VP of Operators at Island Routes, says the Reading Road Trip sessions have been an effective community outreach programme.

“Giving back to the communities in which we work, live, and play is paramount to us at Island Routes, especially as it relates to our youth and the environment,” said Terrier. “By gifting these environmental books and games, we are unlocking a whole new world for our students to learn about the importance of our natural resources and how they can protect and conserve them.”


  1. $12,000 to educate 100,000 children across the Caribbean hardly seems good enough from a company that has such a massive turnover and continues to spend millions on acquiring more land across the Caribbean. If Sandals were to try and offset their carbon footprint just for the amount produced in ensuring that their golf courses were perfectly flat then it would probably cost more than $12,000, so this gesture is hardly philanthropic and to be honest not something this newspaper should write about as it seems to praise them for their efforts. Perhaps Sandals should actually put real money back into the countries they have a foothold in and the various self funded charitable groups across the Caribbean should be the focus of St Lucia Times – I could name at least 4 groups across St Lucia that deserve publicity for the great work they do.

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