Friday, September 20, 2019

Sandals’ Joanna Alfred Talks about Her Star Athlete Daughter

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Press Release:- The mother of start track athlete Julien Alfred credits the support she receives from Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa and Beach Resort as a major reason why she has been able to support her daughter’s sport career.

Joanna Alfred, Junior Concierge Supervisor at Sandals Grande loves talking about her four beautiful children and is particularly proud of what Julien has been able to achieve, “It feels really good to be Julien’s mother.

Joanna Alfred – Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa & Beach Resort Club Sandals Agent – at home with her cart

She has worked hard to become a star athlete. Julien attended the Ciceron Primary School in Saint Lucia and the teachers discovered how talented she was. They told me that I need to get her into a sports programme. At the time she was about eight going on nine years old.”

Joanna has been with Sandals for the past 16 years; “Mr. Anderson (Managing Director- Sandals Saint Lucia) has always been so supportive. I actually started in the Stewarding Department, and took the challenge to move to Club Sandals as soon as I got the opportunity.”

The stability Joanna found at her workplace afforded her the chance to pursue Julien’s track career.

Julien Alfred

She met with Coach Cuthbert Modeste which made it a little easier to move forward with plans for Julien’s future, “He is Saint Lucian and wanted to train Julien at the Mindoo Phillip Park. I met with the coach and I liked him. He really looked after her.”

Once Julien sat the Common Entrance exam it was uphill from there.

She won a seat at the Leon Hess Secondary School, and after two years was able to transfer on full scholarship to continue her education in Jamaica and be trained by a Jamaican coach.

“At the time,” Joanna says, “Julien was just finishing Form Two. I was nervous, but we discussed it then I went to Jamaica to visit. It was a long process but we got approval and finally she left on a full scholarship to Jamaica. So she ended up finishing Form Three and completing Fifth Form in Jamaica. She did not do the 6th Form programme, but instead won a full four-year track scholarship and has been studying in Texas.”

When Joanna is not talking about her children, she cannot help but talk about Sandals. Today Joanna stands head and shoulders above the rest as the only female in a department traditionally dominated by men.

She leads, guides and supervises her team and ensures that exceptional standards are maintained.

Joanna says, “My biggest struggle is trying to be involved in everything my daughter does. I almost gave up. If you want to succeed you have to keep going. Their father passed away during the process and so it was harder for me because I had to be both mother and father. But my family keeps me here at Sandals and I have to say thanks to them. The company has treated me very well, and the children have gotten scholarships to assist with their education”.

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  1. This is great for this family,this is happening all around us,how many more are struggling to survive,and they will never make it.Maybe one day we will be able to follow through all these children and help them develop their full potential.Not an easy job but not imposible.

  2. Great m happy she made it. There ate many many many track and sports stars in st lucia before and now but don’t have the help to continue.please government please do somefing.sports academy needed etc

  3. Sandal apparently plays an important role in the life of their workers and their family contrary to the haters of St Lucia.


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