Sandals Resorts Investment To Boost Saint Lucia Tourism

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Prime Minister of Saint Lucia the Most Honourable Philip J. Pierre has lauded Sandals Resorts for its recent expansion plans for the island, saying that it sends a strong message of confidence to the global market following the recent challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandals Executive Chairman Adam Stewart recently revealed that the resort company will be adding 25 stunning new rooms at Sandals Halcyon Beach comprising 20 beachfront, two-story villa rooms featuring large balconies and five Rondoval™ suites, the signature Sandals category featuring soaring conical ceilings, expansive bathrooms and private water features.

An even more ambitious expansion will be underway at Sandals Regency La Toc which will see the introduction of a new Sandals Resorts innovation, a village comprised entirely of 20 Rondoval suites with seven of them offering open air rooftop decks.

Later phases will include additional spa facilities, new suite categories and a re-imagination of the current golf course offerings.

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Sandals Resorts’ Group Chief Executive Officer Gebhard Rainer, led a high-powered government delegation which included Prime Minister Pierre, Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Tourism Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Senior Minister and Minister for Infrastructural
Development Stephenson King and Chairman of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority
Thaddeus Antoine, on a tour of the Sandals Halcyon expansion site.

The team was met by other senior Sandals Executives including Chief Administrative Officer Jordan Samuda, Managing Director for the Eastern Caribbean Winston Anderson and Senior
Projects Manager Mark Harding.

The Prime Minister said he was very excited by the development plans that he saw.

“I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen, very impressed. Sandals coming with these rooms now will help cushion the impact of COVID on the industry. We are hoping to get
back to 2019 (arrival) numbers shortly, and I’m very happy that at least we can say to
the public throughout the world – because we are looking at a global market – that if you
want to come to Saint Lucia you can come because there is room to come, and with
these high quality rooms of Sandals I am sure we will be able to meet our 2019 level and surpass it in a very short time.”

Meanwhile, the Sandals’ Group CEO shared that the new projects will add over 350
construction and tradesman jobs, and upon completion will create 120 permanent jobs
in the illustrious butler category.

According to Mr. Rainer, “You will see all of this materialize within the next 12 to 18 months. By Christmas next year both projects are going to be completed. As a follow on to this, we have phase two and phase three which will bring some great new renovation programmes and additions to the existing properties, including at the Sandals Grande.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Dr. Ernest Hilaire said the new designs
will not only enhance the overall quality of accommodation Saint Lucia will offer to visitors, but will help make the island an even more attractive destination for the high-end market.

“It’s really exciting to see the freshness that this new product will bring to the offerings from Sandals, and it really shows how Sandals continues to evolve; they continue to raise the bar in terms of the quality of the product that they offer to visitors coming to Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia has made its name as a destination that offers a variety of options to the visitor, and certainly in the category of the luxury our customers who come in demand an exquisite experience and what we’ve seen certainly meets that demand from our visitors.”

Senior Minister and Minister for Infrastructural Development Stephenson King, who is
also the Member of Parliament for Castries North, where the expansion work is about to
begin, spoke of the importance of the new investment to the economy and in terms of
the jobs it will provide.

“This (investment) is giving hope and promise to both travellers and Saint Lucians themselves, particularly when the actual construction starts and the potential for employment of tradesmen and artisans, who will not just get jobs but also be exposed to new concepts of construction and designing. I think it is a tremendous infusion into the economy, it is certainly a ray of hope and I look forward to it. I certainly must commend Sandals on this tremendous initiative which is quite impressive and I’m sure the people will be very proud of what this will do to the landscape.”

Source: Sandals Resorts. Headline photo:  Sandals Halcyon Beach Tour

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  1. St Lucian’s don’t like foreigners , especially those of other color . It is so evident since this party came to power …This is a wasted investment that should have been done in another Caribbean country … let these dishonest politicians run amok here as they continue to teach creole to the children so they grow up as dumb as the adults and force them to eat more greenfig .

  2. Mr. Adam Stewart Sir: On the behalf of all good will St Lucian’s we thank you for your investments, and added jobs in these critical times, thank you, thank you, thank you, you didn’t have to do it, but we are happy you did, your company has invested so much here, and has sponsored so many charities and give backs too much to mention, the People of Saint Lucia thank you and we are grateful Sir; the silence coming from the other luxury chains that’s perched on Soufriere Hill and below is deafening. Just one day I would just love to read of them doing something, anything, just one thing. Now on to the Dutty Bad Mind Yellow Johncrows dem; do you know the cost of just operating one resort in St Lucia alone much less 2 or 3 plus pay salaries ??. Millions per week. So let me understand from {YOUR} business prospective they must pay you higher salaries, pay taxes, give back to charitable organizations, send those school who wishes to go and at the same token invest millions to operate here Ok got it, bunch of Jackasses that’s why yu’ll poor you Clowns, poor business ethics. Question fools who is paying more and giving back more to their employees in St Lucia in 2022 ? Which hotel/resorts ?? So why yu’ll no going behind them ?? I rest my case.

  3. Where are all those that were saying ask Chastanet gave millions to Sandals (without any proof), and how the government should ask for it back. I don’t hear them now.

    And to Mr. Antoine, do you really think this wasn’t in motion from before SLP won the election, and it just happened over night. Wow

  4. Guys, if you think Sandals are not paying their staff, think about the other local organisations here. They are worst than Sandals. Smart and hard workers for peanuts. Everyone should look for jobs on the cruise ships. Then again, the “Unions” don’t give a dam, also always negoitiate for shitty agreements…

    • Great job for what? This had been in motion long before this new PM came in to noffice. Let’s be honest about the achievements made under each government due to their hard work.

  5. …meanwhile, Scandals also continues to scare its customers into staying in the resort unless they book an overpriced tour through them. Apparently its too unsafe for visitors to leave the resort and support local communities, so instead Scandals would rather keep the money and move it off the island as soon as possible.

    How will these additional rooms support village tourism that the government pretends to care about?

    • I agree! They also need to review their highly underpaid staff who make very little considering the hard work and high priced rooms on offer. It’s not quality employment if staff are underpaid and need to work second jobs just to survive

    • thats what i have been saying over and over also even before the pandemic they were even doing things to limit the guests from leaving the hotel to go out unless if it is not them that is doing the tours so all the money have to stay in and at sandals. The majority of the guests that go to sandals when they stay for a week or two most of them never leave the resort. They have their own coaster collecting loads of people at the airport to their resorts


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