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Sandals Resorts Offers Glimpse Of Ambitious Plans For St. Lucia

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Sandals Resorts International (SRI), which owns and operates three of its luxury all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia including Sandals Halcyon Beach, Sandals Regency La Toc and Sandals Grande St. Lucian, as well as the Greg Norman-designed Sandals St. Lucia Golf & Country Club at Cap Estate, offered a glimpse of its forward-looking St. Lucia investment strategy today.

The plans, which will be unveiled in 2023, mark with fanfare Sandals Resorts 40th
Anniversary and 30th year of operation in the island of St. Lucia.

According to plans revealed by SRI Executive Chairman Adam Stewart, Sandals Halcyon will add 25 stunning new rooms in February 2023.

The new development consists of 20 beachfront, two-story villa rooms featuring large balconies and five Rondoval™ suites, the signature Sandals category featuring soaring conical ceilings, expansive bathrooms and private water features.

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An even more ambitious expansion will be underway at Sandals Regency La Toc.

Here, first phase plans call for the introduction of a new Sandals Resorts innovation, a
village, comprised entirely of 20 Rondoval suites with seven offering open air rooftop

Set to open in 2023, the village is a “resort within a resort concept” of highest
category Rondoval suites built adjacent to the golf course, each with their own golf cart
for navigating the course as well as the larger property and featuring luxury amenities
including Sandals Resorts’ unprecedented butler service and dining and entertainment
options designed for guests of the village.

Later phases will include additional spa facilities, new suite categories and a reimagination of the current golf course offerings.

“Since opening our first property, Sandals Regency La Toc nearly three decades ago,
our commitment to working alongside government to make real the promise of tourism
in St. Lucia has been unwavering. My father loved St. Lucia and like so many, was
originally captivated by its beauty. But he quickly came to understand that the real
treasure of St. Lucia are its people – friendly, hardworking, and industrious. People are
the inspiration and the source that make investment possible, and the reason Sandals
Resorts will continue to grow here,” said Stewart.

Sandals Resorts International first planted its flag in St. Lucia in 1993 with the
introduction of Sandals Regency La Toc. Since then, SRI has introduced two more
luxury-included resorts, Sandals Grande St. Lucian, located on its own peninsula and Sandals Halcyon.

Together, guests can enjoy Sandals exclusive “Stay at One, Play at Three” program, which provides complimentary exchange privileges and transportation between all three resorts, giving guests a myriad of choices.

Why Expansion Matters

With new builds comes a thriving economy. These projects alone will add over 350
construction and tradesman jobs into the local workforce.

The addition of these high- end room categories into the Sandals resorts inventory, also means the creation of 120 illustrious butler positions in the St. Lucia system with training by the Guild of Professional English Butlers.

Stewart is emphatic about the impact room category has on local economies and the ability to raise the standard of living.

“As we expand, we will grow from the top down. That means we lead with the
development of suites, and here, Sandals is by far and away the most innovative resort
company. Concepts such as our signature Skypool Suites with their infinity plunge
pools that seem to blend in with the horizon, Over the Water Bungalows with their
incredible views and glass floors and our Rondovals are suite categories that drive
demand and generate the longest stays. That is good news for St. Lucia and good
news for team members who train and earn the butler role.” said Stewart.

Source: Sandals Resorts. Headline photo: Adam Stewart

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  1. We are scheduled to be at Halcyon in January 2023. Will there be construction going on at that time?

  2. I would love to see the addition to the Grande be completed. This is our go to resort and it would be awesome to see the updated resort become a reality. The Grande is so beautiful. Would love to see more to this resort.

  3. Great!! I have my most respect for Sandals and what they do around the caribbean, this company has given numerous young persons around the caribbean the opportunity to grow with the company and work outside their islands, and that’s just one, plus to the enthusiastic who wants to further their education whiles working for the company, there is the sandals cooperate university. The company is offering a lot. My only suggestion, are TIPS should be allowed, should be at guests discretion and not advertist a no TIPPING POLICY. That I totally disagree with. It’s time Sandals permit tipping.

  4. @ Peckerhead do you know what your name means according to the urban dictionary? It means one who has a penis for a brain and no social skills. Do you know what Peckerhead means in England? An objectable and aggressive person that finds fault in everything. (kettle calling pot black)
    So before you try to insult people on IQs check yours first because according to the dictionary yours are below 5.

  5. Lucian Highgrade you know what’s going on kudos .Sandals have done so much and plan to do more for St Licia .
    Anonymous you just another Liki. Liki Lucian IQ 62 that find fault with anything foreign owned .
    GW when you all stop raping and robbing tourists … then we will allow them out of the all inclusive ……

  6. All very well SRI, we welcome the increase in capacity and investment in Saint Lucia. However, I believe SRI should be doing more for the local community by investing in youth projects, community development, funding educational programs in schools, sports etc etc. You have benefited enormously from Saint Lucia’s legacy and therefore you, SRI should do more for community development.

  7. Very Good Sandals…I like what you all doing here….yu’ll just don’t come and nickle and dime the ting yu’ll give back all the time MORE SO than any other hotel/resort on this rock. Add and cherry on the cake Bring a Beaches down VF now enough with them ungrateful people up North.

  8. chewpssss and so what? is not anything you doing for the country that benefits the people except the sandals workers. when the guests come all these hotels do is hog the guests on their compound an barely let them go out, they dont introduce to them any outside activities so others can get a sale it is only sandals that making the majority of the money so i dont see the need to boast about new rooms and this other stuff

    • …and the other perch up in Soufriere are doing what ?? You hear about them and that’s it, what have they given back ?? The Jade Mountain’s, Ladera , and that other one down at Sugar Beach and others what have they given back ?? The most you hear of them is when they win some God forsaken award or this magazine said this and that about them blah blah blah blah .

      • i totally agree cause all of them are almost the same but i can guarantee you that the people in Soufriere like taxi drivers and some shops that sell stuff even the local boat guys make a dollar way faster in the Soufriere surroundings vs Castries surroundings with sandals

      • @the most honorable Lucian upgrade let’s just say they keep people employed which I think is a good thing
        @Anonymous I am happy not everyone has your mentality

      • You are on point with every single thing you have said , ON POINT, my exact thoughts and I agree with your sentiments 10000 %, what do we do for our own, local hotels u almost never heard about them, so let SRI continue to improve and impact lives in St lucia and the wider Caribbean, Adam Stewart shares the passion, love and vision for the Caribbean that he father shared, make us a beacon for all things memorable , …..I applaud Adam steward , his management team and the greater Sandals team, keep doing what you do , u have redefined what it means to be caribbean and st lucia and the rest of the carriers will always hold you in the highest regard …..

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