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Sandals Resorts Showcase Local Partners To The World

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Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia recently held its annual Reunion Week for returning guests of its Sandals Select Rewards loyalty program, which included a farm-to-table concept lunch for its Diamond level guests at the Sandals Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate, where the star of the festivities was the beauty, bounty and prodigious talent of St. Lucia itself.

According to Winston Anderson, Managing Director for SRI in the Eastern Caribbean, Reunion Week is designed to celebrate and recognize top returning guests from around the world, those who keep coming back to enjoy the brand’s signature luxury-included style of vacationing, and to highlight the moments and memories that make visiting Sandals Resorts a priority for them.

“And what we know is most important to these special customers are the connections they have made with our team members and the opportunities to discover and enjoy the flavors, sounds, products and people of our local Caribbean communities,” said Anderson.

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So important is the “link” between local suppliers – from farmers and craft distillers to artisans and entertainers to the Sandals experience – which Anderson chose to literally “bring these two worlds together” and invite several local Saint Lucian partners to showcase their products and talents during this special event.

“Beginning with our late founder Gordon “Butch” Stewart and carried on by our Executive Chairman Mr. Adam Stewart and our entire executive leadership team, there is a firm belief in the adage that a ‘rising tide lifts all boats.’ It is with that commitment that we deepen the linkages with local stakeholders, including purchasing from local suppliers first. In fact, if you look at our overall economic footprint including local purchases of foodstuffs from seafood to fruits and vegetables, payroll and benefits, taxes, utility payments, taxis and transfers, entertainers, local tour operators and so on, Sandals injects over XCD$250 million annually into the local Saint Lucian economy, providing employment for around 2,000 Saint Lucians” said Anderson.

“This is important and powerful.  We are a Caribbean company, supporting other Caribbean businesses and in the process, we are delighting our guests who demand the freshest farm-to-table foods, local expertise and talent and the assurance that their dollars are going to preserve a local economy and experience they love.”

Sergin Jn Baptiste, Marketing Manager of Saint Lucia Distillers Group of Companies, producers of the renowned Chairman’s Rum, lauded Sandals for the initiative, noting that many local suppliers, aside from those present for this event, have benefited from their relationship with Sandals over the years.

“There has always been a fantastic partnership [with Sandals].  I think both of us are selling the same thing which is the experience St. Lucia has to offer to visitors to the island, so we are really happy to be part of this,” said Baptiste.

Guests at the event had the chance to sample Saint Lucian rum and beer, chocolate, fruits and vegetables, sugar-cane juice and more, all while meeting local producers and makers and learning more about production and manufacturing processes. They also enjoyed performances from local entertainers including Pan Time Steel Orchestra, violinist Yannick James as well as a special performance from students of the Castries Comprehensive School music department, which received rave reviews from all present.

Another event highlight happened when Executive Chefs of all three Sandals properties in St. Lucia – Sandals Grande Saint Lucian, Sandals Regency La Toc, and Sandals Halcyon Beach, came together to produce a Sandals’ signature Five-Star Global Gourmet lunch using all the local products that were on display.

Sandals Select Rewards member Paul Rothstein, a 22-time returning guest to Sandals described his experience getting the chance to interact with the people behind many of the local products he has enjoyed at Sandals, including gift shop purchases.

“This is my eighth trip to St. Lucia, and I always tell people that the nicest people in the world live in the Caribbean, and the nicest people in the Caribbean are in St. Lucia,” said Rothstein. “This is the most beautiful island I’ve been to in the Caribbean. I love it.”

Sandals Resorts International, which celebrates its 40th anniversary and its 30th  year of operation in Saint Lucia, recently announced plans to deepen its investment here, with plans that include 20 beachfront, two-story villa rooms featuring large balconies and five Rondoval suites at Sandals Halcyon Beach, and an innovative new “resort within a resort” concept planned for Sandals La Toc of a village comprised entirely of 20 of its highest category Rondoval suites.

“When finished this will add an additional 150 permanent jobs,” said Anderson adding, “We will continue to celebrate our incredible destination and invest in Saint Lucia, creating more jobs and growing the economy.”

Source: Sandals Resorts


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  1. to quote Tourism Minister Ernest Hillaire during an interview on Choice last night talking about Sandals new expansion and investment in the country, he said, Sandals has been a hosuehold name in St Lucia for 29 years and has contributed significantly to the livelihoods of St Lucians, and he thanked, not cursed, but thanked the company for continuing the legacy of its late Chairman to the development of the tourism industry in St Lucia.
    Ernest say so! So take that.

  2. Sandals Team God bless you….maybe just maybe one day I will read about another of the hundreds of hotels we have here doing something like this, I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime and if it does, that will be the seventh sign. Jade Mountain, Harbor Club, Bay Gardens, Ladera, Jalousie, Royalton, mama none of them, but yet you have some people bitching about how they treat staff. Really ???

  3. The WORST place to work on island. These Jamaican managers are prejudiced and filled with hate for local workers. They encourage staff to treat local guests bad, so ‘they won’t come back’.

  4. What has a union ever really done except disrupt or threaten to disrupt work so they could take whatever little they try to get for you in union fees. How many of them use the hundreds of thousands they get in union fees to buy groceries for you, or run come to help pay medicals bills, or help buy school books for you? People need to realise that they are pawns for unions. On the other hand it is your employer that pays your wages, offers you insurance, dental and medical (yes Sandals does that because I used to work there too, and I make no apologies. I got all my certification through the Sandals online university for free. So dont bring nonsense around please and just go back and try to open the batting for West Indies again

  5. I hope the management of Sandals tell the guests that they are preventing us from unionized . According to Sandals as soon as one of us say UNION that person will be fired.

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