Sandals Team Member Andre Hippolyte Defying All The Odds

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Press Release:– As the hospitality sector throughout the world and indeed right here in Saint Lucia continues to fight its way back to full recovery, some of the most important people driving that process are the ordinary team members – persons whose dedication and hard work are the foundation upon which resuscitation of the sector is built.

One of those unsung heroes can be found right at Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort and Spa; Andre Hippolyte.

Andre is currently attached to the Cost Control Department and sits in the chair of Store Keeper. Like many other team members, he has risen from humble beginnings and has managed to stay the course, despite all obstacles thrown at him these past two years.

In fact, when the daunting prospect of reopening the resorts and trying to get our guests back to happy started, Andre was one of the first in line, demonstrating nothing short of exemplary performance.

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But exceeding the expectations of his colleagues and guests is nothing new to the man who hails from Talvern Babonneau.

Over his 18 years with Sandals, Andre has piled up the accolades including “Most Courteous” in 2006 and “Team Member of the Year” in 2008, which provided him with the opportunity to represent his resort and Saint Lucia in Jamaica at the Ultimate Team Member Awards.

Hippolyte attributes his achievements to his willingness to learn. “I was like a sponge, absorbing everything” he explained.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Andre was excited to be part of the efforts of Sandals Resorts International in the reopening of the hospitality sector.

“No other organization can compare to Sandals. Sandals continues to give back to the community as well as team members. Additionally, there are always new opportunities around the corner and I would like to see Sandals continue to invest in the development and advancement of team members.”

Indeed while many people may turn to celebrities such Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama for inspiration, it is Andre who makes a big difference to his fellow team members and guests, always greeting them with a smile or simply taking that moment out to ask how your day is going.

His recipe for success, and his advice for new team members; “To be successful, you must be consistent. I was sometimes placed in situations where it was sink or swim, but I decided not to disappoint the people who gave me the opportunity to grow.”

Cost Controller at Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort and Spa, Dwain Wilson, who Andre first met in2012 at Sandals Grande said Andre is responsible for ensuring necessary items are available at all times on resort for use.

“We cannot allow things to run out. This is very crucial for operations. Andre plays a
very big role in that regard and his execution is flawless.”

He noted that Hippolyte is an exemplary team member who inspires and encourages his peers every day. Wilson describes Hippolyte as a diligent worker, a team player and a valuable asset to the team.

No task is ever too big for him to triumph and with a positive mindset he believes with team effort, nothing is impossible.

“His approach is always a positive one. He is never of the belief that something cannot be
done or is unattainable. Hippolyte is selfless and cares for those around him. He even takes time out to coach and guide the newer team members.”

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  1. When are we going to get Union representation? We need this. I think it should be law in st lucia once a business has 20 employees they should have a union right away.

  2. i hope yall increase his salary as well, i never even knew there was a cost control at any hotel cause the amount of food and drink that is wasted especially at buffets whats the point of even having a cost control?

  3. That’s my brother here. Have always been a hard and diligent worker. You are truly a STAR, Congratulations 👏👏

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