Sandals To Eliminate Styrofoam

Sandals Resorts International (SRI), which operates three hotels in Saint Lucia, has announced that it will eliminate all Styrofoam from its properties across the region as of February 1, 2019.

The company, which recently eliminated single-use plastics from its operations, has said it will also explore opportunities to eliminate other plastics across its resorts by September 2019.

SRI currently operates 19 Sandals and Beaches resorts across the Caribbean.

The Jamaica Observer quoted SRI’s deputy chairman, Adam Stewart, as saying that as the company enters the New Year, it is “incredibly important” for environmental sustainability to remain a key priority.

“After eliminating plastic straws, stirrers, laundry bags and gift shop bags last year, we’re now moving to eliminate Styrofoam from our resorts. We’re proud that many of the islands in which we operate are also making this shift to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean,” said Stewart.

A Sandals release said the elimination of Styrofoam is particularly important in the Caribbean region, where marine wildlife across the more than 700 islands and coastlines is abundant.

The release, quoted by Jamaica Observer,  said according to data shared in Environment America’s Wildlife Over Waste campaign, scientists have found plastic fragments, including Styrofoam, in 86 per cent of all sea turtle species, 44 per cent of all seabird species and 43 per cent of all marine mammal species.



  1. I am very impressed with SRI’s initiative. It shows great responsibility for a company that can make a difference, & can pressure others to follow suit. My wife & I are committed to rentals in St. Lucia this year, but I can tell you that this commitment will certainly influence us to try Sandals next year.

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