Sandals touts contribution to Saint Lucia economy

Sandals Resorts has been highlighting the contribution it makes to the economy of Saint Lucia.

Sandals Resorts International (SRI) Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Adam Stewart, told St Lucia Times that the hotel chain pumps some $US 75 million into the local economy annually through, among other things,  tours, taxis, transfers and food and beverage purchases.

SRI is currently working on plans to add a fourth resort here, Sandals LaSource.

According to Stewart, the new hotel will push the total  SRI economic impact here to some $US 105 million.

‘This will easily make us the largest private sector business,’ Stewart explained, adding that the new resort will bring the number of Sandals team members in Saint Lucia to 2,700.

He asserted that Sandals Grande, depending on occupancy, will do between 50 and 100 tours a day.

‘What is critical is that the country is feeling that positivity and that growth and there are more linkages into the community. Linkages come from manufacturing, from agriculture, sports and entertainment, tours, excursions – that list goes on and on, all the local purchases,’ the SRI official told St Lucia Times.

He disclosed that there are hundreds of transactions  weekly with local businesses

‘I think any insinuation that Sandals does not contribute, or the hotel sector does not contribute, is often misunderstood. It is coming from people that don’t understand,’ Stewart observed.

‘We buy paint, we buy meals, we buy wood, bolts and nuts, we buy materials that end up in the kitchen – cooking oil, these things are not imported, these things are bought locally through local suppliers and vendors. We are buying beef, we are buying fish – you name it,’ he declared.

Steward disclosed that Sandals hotels in Saint Lucia cook over 25,000 meals a day and move between 300 and 400 taxis on a Saturday and Sunday.




  1. My husband and I were married at the Grande in 2008 and just loved it, going to Emerald Bay in June to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, very excited ???

    • Sandals contributes US$105 million – money that’s being used to take care of your hospitals and schools. What you contributing? Damn ingratitude!

      • Hush up frank, Sandals wouldn’t be the Sandals it is today if it wasn’t for Saint Lucia…the destination.

  2. All corporations should pay the corporate tax after a 5 year grace period. If they’re not they are free-riding on the citizens. Sandals has some of the best beaches and locations in SLU. They like all hotels need to pay corporate taxes. The little guy who makes very little pays up and that covers roads, water systems etc. All the linkages the CEO talks about are the cost of doing business and without those services Sandals would have no business or it would cost more. Time to pay up. And give back the free gift of $24 million irresponsibly given to Sandals by Chastanet: the schools need fixing and the country is broke says the PM who then hands Sandals $24 million. Dumb.

  3. I would like to big up my Gordon but h Stewart for his tremendous contribution towards tourism in the caribean. This Jamaican boy born just like any one of 70 odd years ago a baby today has accomplished so much is worthy of recognition o would like son Adam to stay under his dads to urge dad’s wing and learn everything from him

  4. What is wrong with you people does everything in St Lucia has to be political..why are you so ignorant.

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