Sans Souci Residents Fed Up With Muggings

Residents of Sans Souci, Castries, say they are fed up with muggings and break-ins in their area.

One resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said the situation was bad.

“People cannot take a walk to the (Serenity) Park. If they do that they get mugged. It’s really bad,” he disclosed.

He said the criminals strike at any time – during the day or early evening.

“It’s getting out of hand,” he told St Lucia Times, adding that the latest incident occurred about a week ago.

“It was a young guy – he was walking towards the RCI Radio Station and some guys came from behind and robbed him. They took his phone and his wallet,” the Sans Souci resident recalled.

He expressed the view that the crimes were being perpetrated by young men from outside of the area.

Another man said his home had been burgled.

Another male who operates a business in the community confirmed that the situation is getting out of hand.

It was disclosed that the police are making attempts to organise a neighbourhood watch group in Sans Souci, a move that has been welcomed by one of the area’s oldest residents who has lived there for decades.




  1. The child or children some people raised are coming back to bite innocent persons. Parents who when their child/children got into trouble whist young and with no home training, discipline, responsibility, respect and a work ethic are the ones committing these crimes.

    • Yes, we know that some parents are irresponsible and neglectful so many children have gone astray. Having said that, what are some of your solutions to reduce the ever increasing crime problems?

  2. Kenny Anthony couldn’t stop crime but I will.
    Remember who said that?
    Crime is worse now than then.
    Over to u St. Lucia

    • That’s stupid and that’s because its coming from a stupid person who doesn’t know how to defritiate between “political rhetoric” and policy proposals/implementation. All these things forms part of a political campaign. One has to look towards what is practical and what is not. Crime is endemic to St. Lucia and reports which go as far back as the 1980’s have comfirmed. If we as a people what to mitigate against crime (some aspects) we need as a collective to do certain things such as providing avenues out of the ghetto’s for many people. Castries commercial ares should be expanded to those ghettos and those people be relocated and provided services in their communities. The cculture has to change because much of the attidutes of youth are geared towards this “protect yourself and do others before they do you” and “make money by any means necessary” culture. We have to do something as parents and as communities about that. If youth want to live in the fast lane we are almost powerless to do that but the answer lies within our communities and not a government or a leader, they can only assit with what we want to do. And crime is not worse now than then , that is just speculative. The statistics doesn’t show that. Were you around in the eime of “umbre” in the 70’s and 80’s . If you gonna make crime political then be a politician,

  3. Send them and die.The example made out of the two there was beautiful!Yall eh want to work and is people tings yall want,well die for that iymc

  4. Some of the young men doing that living in the area and they getting their friends to join them. They coming from Morne du Don, La Clery, Chasegardens. They play they bursting bamboo by the labor dept and they robbing people. Some of them sitting by the roundabout. Wicked they wicked unless something is not done with them they will not stop. Tourist season open they will be back to robbing the tourist. One day they will stop.

  5. Unless you start whipping some asses it will go on. Bring back the cat-o-nine tail
    in other words, start using the Lolobeff then and only then, you will see an end to
    this crime. The big countries that object, don’t know what we have to put up with.
    Absolutely, the most effective and sure bet is:- A GOOD CHRISTIAN UPBRINGING.
    Your prayer should not be repetitive. Call on the Father the Son & the Holy Spirit
    every morning on awakening and ask for their protection over you and your family.

  6. Easy, come easy go for them stiffer punishments, more job opportunities for them, more cop’s and them hard drug’s on that island is not helping, large up Lucians luv.

  7. Hello government officials please help with the crime rates on the island. Lets bring back the hanging and get rid of those dark tinted windows on the island. Avoid protecting the criminals. Send them to clean the city with chains on their legs.

  8. Its time all Communities in St.Lucia organize effective Neighbourhood Watch .Robbing individuals is like a Joke in St.Lucia .The police also have Set up for these Thugs and Deal with them Accordingly .Its very sad to hear someone walking to or From work and being Robbed of their Belongings

  9. Check out Fatman and his friends they the ones robbing the people. They robbing for flat screen TVs, laptop and tablets, cell phones, money and even groceries. Their days are coming they will rob the wrong person or enter the wrong house. You all feel you can hold people hostage in their own homes and on the street by robbing them. Wait I will hear about all of you all.

  10. These robberies will continue because we as a people condone this s***. Some of us even profit from it. Someone always knows, but who is talking??? Even when the Police do their job, up comes Mary Francis with her rights talk . How can we ever stop this??? The criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens

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