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Sarah Says She’s Sensitive To People Who Stammer

Saint Lucia’s External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, asserting that she is sensitive about people who stammer, has told reporters she does not believe that the Prime Minister meant anything bad in comments relating to the stuttering of opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on Sunday poked fun at Pierre’s way of speaking.

“I probably would not have said it myself but I don’t think the Prime Minister meant  anything bad,y  so I am sure that is a matter than can be resolved,” Flood-Beaubrun told reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

“I used to stammer very badly –  sometimes I still do, so I am sensitive about people who stammer. I understand what it is and sometimes I still do,” the minister stated.



  1. While the PM was mocking Pierre, the Soufriere crow was chanting Chastanet has a n MOM degree, Masters Of Mantee degree.

  2. That’s what you will say. Pm never says anything you will find wrong. Already u don’t have any moral credibility although professing to b a Christian. U said nothing about Ubaldus, teething guy and Jammy. Not a word not a word not a word

  3. You need to mind you business Sarah. You need to o go back on the ground in Central. Central people don’t want you. That’s why you need to see. Not what lying Joe chastney said

  4. Bubbububububbububub nobody does it best like the UWP sufferers. Oh hell it’s engraved in their definitive motto. “Bubbubububububu but when you were in power”

  5. That’s messed up. I have a brother and sister who stammers, also a close friend who stammers. Shame on the PM for doing that. Whether he meant it or not, never should it have come out of his mouth

      • You all are a bunch of hyprocrite! There’s nothing wrong in what the pm said. So many jokes you all give the pm already since it’s on the other hand you all crying. Choooppppsss tan.

  6. Sarah, are you flattering mate? Since you join this party, you has changed! hope you come back to your senses!

    • She’s now back to her senses. She knows all too well what happens when you try to stand up to the powers that be for standing up to your personal, biased and hypocritical views.

      Because if she doesn’t stand in unison and she gets booted, where will she go?


    Guess one can fool some of the people ‘…some of the time,’ but certainly ‘…not all the people all the time.’

    It is not only imprudent, but also improper for anyone, including the leader of a nation to make ‘…Mockery of a person’s Impediment,’ whether or not he/she has aspirations to public office.

    Except a ‘…Comedian performing on Stage,’ in some jurisdictions it is unlawful to make mockery of anyone. It cannot be said the Prime Minister is such or was performing in such capacity.

    Even if just jesting, should a Prime Minister sincerely feels that he may have been inept, insulting or insensitive in engaging in an act of imitation, then he shall not use ‘…an apparent servile dependent’ to say what he may not have meant.

    He should use the same medium or social media to correct himself.

    If he did not mean ‘…anything bad,’ then a minion would be required to say exactly what he meant?

    That which shall always be remembered is that ‘…No one ever knows his lot in life or what may befall him.

    Be careful of ‘…Throwing stones at glass windows.’

    • In my younger days I use to stammer a lot. I still do have some residual effects from those days. So to hear this coming from the PM does bother me to some extent. This guy has put his foot in his mouth so often that I try not to take him that serious. You would have thought by now he has learn his lessons and understand that his position entitles him to be more careful and choose his words wisely. He talks before thinking which is not the best traits to have in this position of authority.

  8. The PM mispronounces words in Parliament and on Interviews several times. Does the opposition make fun of his mistakes?

    • Pierre was born with this PM just cannot read. As a leader of a Nation it it just wrong to do what he did. All eyes are on him. I guess it’s ok to make fun of autistic people too.

  9. Smh Mr Phillip J Meshasteh does not stummer my fellow St.lucians he has a condition called nesal blockage due to his nose being all up in Kenny’s well you know what……..Guy for Prime Minister rayyyyy

  10. I am disturb because I sometimes stutter veryy baddd that I’m afraid to speak out have no confidence in myself it brought tears to my eyes when i heard about the situation I’m also unemployed I believe that’s what keeping from getting a job as well shame on him

  11. As I see it, Chastanet is a watered-down Trump. Many similar characteristics but just not as concentrated…..for now.

  12. That woman is just enamored by all things white. She is a HUGE disappointment. I dislike her with a hyperbolized passion

  13. Christianity is full effect. All of you’ll walking side by side with Satan that’s why you in particular Madam Minister, will see nothing wrong. Lucians will show all you shamers what’s wrong with their X, pas worry.

  14. Good information and free resources on website of Stuttering Foundation (

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