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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

Sarah Says Time For Opposition To Accept Election Defeat

Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, has told parliament that it is time for the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), to accept that it lost the last general elections here.

She spoke as the house debated an opposition motion of no confidence in Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet.

Flood-Beaubrun said she fully supports Chastanet and urged him not to be worried about detractors.

According to the External Affairs Minister, the opposition brought the no confidence motion because of fear that if Chastanet was allowed to continue, the labour party would have no hope at the next elections.

She said in bringing the motion before the house, opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre had demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the democratic process.

“The people of Saint Lucia in June 2016 voted this government in and voted this Prime Minister to lead the country,” Flood-Beaubrun recalled.

“It is just two and a half years and they refuse to accept the will of the people – that is what it is about,” the Castries Central MP, who previously served in a labour party cabinet observed.

She declared that the labour party has been in election mode since June 2016.

“They refuse to accept that this is the people’s prime minister,” Flood-Beaubrun told the house.

She called on the opposition to allow the government to do its work.

“Let the fruits of our labour be seen – it’s only two and a half years. Accept that the people have voted you out of office. Accept that the people have placed their confidence in the prime minister. Allow the term of office to run – you will have an opportunity. Elections will come at the end of the term of office,” Flood-Beaubrun observed.

“The people will decide again. What is the hurry?” Flood-Beaubrun stated during her contribution to the debate.


  1. Sarah, I use to have a lot of respect for you. At one time I thought you stood for something and on principles. However, it appears that you will support anything. Where have the principles gone?

    • Shut the hell up. As long as anyone won’t support your party, they are the worst person alive. SMH. So blinded by colour.

    • Shut the hell up. As long as she or anyone else says something against your party, they are worst person alive. So blinded by colour. SMH.


    • Why else would people go to work. If she doesn’t pay her mortgage and student loans, y’all lucians will start about her being a loan deadbeat. It’s a job people. If they aren’t doing their job properly fire them. If you people think any politician genuinely care about the people, people they know nothing of, you are damn fools. Do you care about any and everybody?

  3. Well said Sarah. These guys need to relax , their level of desperation is quite alarming. History has shown time and time and time again that the SLP is best and greatest in opposition and extremely poor in performance when they are in power. Not when you out to now be on television every night telling the government how to do things which you didn’t and couldn’t in your time.

    No confidence my A**** , keep on working and dont study them idiots.

  4. This woman is a total and unequivocal embarrassment. She needs to speak her conscience, and not speak based on her current financial status.

  5. Sarah sold her soul a long time ago. Hopefully your husband can get out off the council estate he lives in London on and stop claiming state benefits now

  6. Is that the only time she will open her mouth to talk. Smh. Guy and the PM alone that was talk. What she need to talk about she not talking about at all.

  7. I too had quite a bit of respect for Sarah she seemed to be a politician with integrity and honour.

    I went as far as thinking she could be PM material in the years to come.

    However that changed and changed fairly quickly after the abortion ruling.

    Sarah, is singing for her super and continues to sing a scratched tune.

    Desperation for power and money can been seen in your eyes and your spine miraculously removed.

  8. Sarah don’t u worry. Tan toe tan toe. Yes we place confidence in Allen but we will stay free from his lies and come next election u will see. But we are disappointed and u no people are disappointed. Tan toe tan toe

  9. Throw the whole Government away!! What are the PM and Security Minister saying about the crime situation???

  10. Sarah is a political prostitute. Allan and his father saved her from bankruptcy so she has no choice but to continue to sing from their hymn sheet.

    • Well at least she make more sense than you. she has managed to hit the nail on the head with regards to whats going on. The SLP is desperate. And the more desperate they get, the more they strengthen the resolve of people like me to never vote for them. Sarah has been a victim of the arrogance and audacity of those in the SLp. She stood up to them and they tried to hate her for it. Not in this land siree, no more SLP.

  11. Which man is the one why her husband divorcing her. She soon get exposed. Always talking about family but breaking God’s law and doing her own thing behind people’s back. . Scandal and roro

  12. People don’t fight, let the Government and the opposition do their work! do you think we need some chandelle moles?

  13. Its about time this is said. UWP was elected to govern…if the people are not satisfied..they will vote them out..thats called democracy. The SLP has been on a nonstop, personal attack of members of the govt, rather than attack policies. The SLP is failing as an opposition in not providing an alternative. The election is over and the people have spoken!! You guys are going to destroy St Lucia.

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