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Updated on June 4, 2020 12:27 am
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Updated on June 4, 2020 12:27 am

Sarrot Resident Killed In Robbery

A 34 year old Sarrot resident died Monday morning at Victoria Hospital following an armed robbery at his home.

Bandits struck about 2.00 am in the morning, according to reports.

Police have identified the victim as Vick Dennis.

According to residents of the area, bandits armed with knives stabbed him in his chest during a robbery at his home.

His wife and his young child were at home at the time, according to the residents.

Dennis was rushed to hospital via ambulance, but succumbed to his injuries.

The bandits are reported to have made off with an undisclosed number of valuables, including two mobile telephones.

The deceased was a carpenter by trade.




  1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When citizens urged the authorities to take a firm stance on dealing with petty crime and rampant lawlessness they were ignored. What we are seeing here is what happens many miles into the journey of the degradation of law and order. Soon gang leaders will carve up bits of territory and not even the most heavily armed police officers will dare enter. If you refuse to take care of the weeds in your garden right away they eventually take over everything.

    • Realist, you are absolutely right. Complacency is what bugs me. Strange thing is someone always shouts, “Bodoos” when the obvious occurs. Example, illegal guns have been a huge problem and is growing into a bigger menace each year. What have they really done to make those illegal owners uncomfortable?

      • Well it’s not just the authorities that need to be held accountable but family members mothers father aunties uncle brother and us all when will we take responsibility for our own actions. I say it sad to see that many folks lack respect integrity and other simple stuff but yet we expect that if our kids there learning from the generation before if you didn’t show or teach them how will they learn. Now a days what’s happening is being played on television daily like it’s normal that box is a huge teacher and you’d be surprised to see what the kids learn.

    • Im in 100% agreement of this powerful statement. This crime things is a plague that was created by the very persons who made all the noise in the name of human rights. However not a single word from them when innocent people are murdered in their own home. This is a country of criminal rights not the rights of victims. This is very very sad and disgusting.

    • But how will robbery stop? It’s all over the world. In the most lawful of countries.

      That comment makes no sense. He wasn’t even shot. He was knifed. I guess its expected for officers to be at the doors of each person.

      If they don’t know who did it how are they expected to do something about it?

      Yes they need harsher punishments to perhaps deter however that in itself isnt the answer

  2. wow, at his own home. Murdered at his own home during a robbery, this is sad man. When they do target the wrong individual who gets the edge and tables turn and it’s their lives that’s lost, I hope human rights remains silent for that too. This is getting ridiculous. Carry hot and with a clear head my fellow CCW.

  3. I blame US… we the citizens. We that see and say nothing. We that enable the unemployed but blaming others. Instead of pushing them to find a job or a skill. We, the parents, that accepted the children to bring home a stolen pencil or encouraged them to fight and bully others. I dont blame the govt or police or mary francis. We need to first blame OURSELVES cuz it begins at home. Being unemployed is not a reason to rob someone. Being frustrated doesnt allow u to bully, abuse neighbors, family, unsuspecting persons. This guy was in HIS home, where he should be most assured, at ease, at peace. Do u honestly believe is someone from gros islet or vieux fort, soufriere who robbed him? Of course NOT, its his own neighbors, persons that he see everyday. They see what he has accomplished as a carpenter and they want it… the easy way. These bad habits are from a young age when the parents allowed them to get away with it, now that they hv grown, they move on to bigger things. They hv mastered their negative trade.

  4. We have a serious nigger problem on this island. And as time goes by and these young uneducated single mothers are allowed to freely reproduce , the problem is only going to get worse. God help us.

    • Ah repeating the talking points from “your’ Prime Minister i see. It’s all the young single mothers fault they got pregnant by themselves i force their offspring to commit crimes right? We should sterilize poor uneducated women right, that has no racist undertones right?

      • Is what I said wrong tho? Is it wrong that these criminals come from single parents, who are uneducated and do a poor job at raising their children? Is what I’m saying wrong?

    • Not entirely incorrect but why the racism. I wonder if the black people you probably interact with daily have a clue what you really thought of them.

      • No no there is a significant difference between a nigger, and a black person.dont be mistaken. The word characterizes a behaviour. One day when one crosses you, you will understand. If that hasn’t already happened.

    • Just Saying …..because only the women involved in having children.. There was no male present….I see there is a new way of having children. Blame the hard working mothers who only looking for change for their children. I wonder if you have children and these children were reproduced when married with the person for x years.

      • Look at you, defending the terrible mothers out there who choose worthless men who can’t provide to impregnate them. What you don’t understand is that in any society, he women set the tone. But you don’t know anything about accountability, just another nigger who makes excuses rather than calling out the problem for what it is. Loser

  5. when police come to arrest criminals the people is preventing the police from doing their jobs even the mp for the are is saying the police is wrong do we remember what happened in castries south

  6. Kernisha, No work in the country?? Last time I checked there are police officers, nurses, security guards, firemen, hotel workers, restaurant workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, teachers, correctional officers, barbers, beauty salon employees, farmers, retail store employees, taxi operators, bank employees, etc., etc. in St. Lucia.
    Do you mean to suggest that there are no opportunities presently available in any of these jobs/trades/positions?? I find that hard to believe.

  7. Most of the Security Companies have Foreigners working for them where are the St.Lucians Lazy.They rather sit on the block with their pants way down their Buttocks and Smoke Marijuana all day and late Hours of the Night Commit Crime and say there’s no work in the Country.There’s Construction going on Island wide they just Refuse to work

  8. My comment may be incorrect to some people but I’ll comment anyway.. some people says lots of good things about what’s happening around and some people makes comments of what should be done about criminals.. fine.. but the very same people are the ones who will critisize the government if the government ask the police to do what nessercery. Some of them have children that they can’t control and when police fly out their wisdom teeth they come on TV and say he was never a bad boy never create any trouble… this is the society that we’re leaving in.. talking don’t make sense blaming don’t make sense. Shouting no one hears you .. saint Lucia is just like a Storm. be prepared you still gets hit.. no difference to me. To everything there’s a reason. To every biggining there’s an end. Between two stories there’s a lie.. if it’s not a big breeze you’ll never see a foul a**.

    • You misunderstood what he was trying to say.He simply said that if they committed a crime against a politician that the laws would change quite quickly & I’m certain the criminals would be caught….So why doesn’t it happen for hard working citizens?

  9. There are lots of vacancies with security companies for 10 hundred dollars a month working over 12 hours shifts

  10. Please people, give up the material things and save your life. Don’t fight them? You can work and purchase all those things. Life can not be replaced. Give it up, give them everything and God will bless you with more. Vick was a wonderful person. Can’t say one bad thing about this guy. My condolences to his family and friends and his congregation.

      • U fool. I wouldn’t fight off a robber. A thief comes to steal kill and destroy. I would let them take the material things and leave with my life instead. What’s a phone that u can’t get back? What’s a laptop that u can’t purchase. U can buy those things back u fool. Can u buy back a life lost? Deck deck. Don’t come for me!!!

  11. Whoever is making this comment under my name. Allow me to state that there can only be one Kernisha Flavien.. you wish you could be me. OLD LABOUR HACKS

  12. “Stopit” that’s cuz Ur a spineless coward who isn’t capable of defending them self. I hope u say ” what’s a little sex” if the thief then comes to rape you in your bed. Stay deh still. U obviously don’t work hard for the valuables you have, so u won’t feel the urge to fight for them. Pathetic.

    • Jusso you probably think that anybody that doesn’t put material possessions over everything else is a low life, worthless person and that makes you a low life, worthless person who disparately needs stuff to validate their otherwise meaningless life.

      • “Notso” you don’t sound like someone who understands the value of hard work. If you did, such trash wouldn’t be coming out of your mouth. If a nigger breaks into my house to steal from me and my family, nothing but death awaits him.

        Maybe one day you will have everything stripped from you, then and only then will you understand the feeling. Stop being an idiot.

      • Stupid thought Jusso. When the tyre hits the road. I will hear the song you sing. Just pray that they take all your possession and not tape you in the end. You will just say ‘ what is just a little sex you cannot give them’ Be realistic.

    • To all UWP party hacks. Put it in your pipe and smoke it. Chastanet accused Kenny of not being able to handle crime. Two years aback we recorded the highest. Chastanet get off your soft canadian cushion set and do something. To all who will say I am ignorant. I am to the highest degree you can think of. I sympathize with the family and friends.

  13. To all UWP party hacks. Put it in your pipe and smoke it. Chastanet accused Kenny of not being able to handle crime. Two years aback we recorded the highest. Chastanet get off your soft canadian cushion set and do something. To all who will say I am ignorant. I am to the highest degree you can think of. I sympathize with the family and friends.

  14. The solution is very simple, arm your good citizens. Give them atleast a chance of self defence.

  15. Black people stop hating ourselves, every race on the planet have sections of the their populace who negative and criminal tendencies. However do you every hear a White person say ” there is too many honkies/white trash committing mass shootings”. The answer is no what you hear is a lone wolf,mentally ill, disturbed or sick individual. Stop reinforcing the slur used to make black people seem sub-human. Because to you there is a difference between a black person and a n-word. But too a large population of the world every black person is a n-word. And they used self-hating black people like you to validate their view,” See if their own kind can see what they truly are”

  16. ,Someone had to see something in that area,a vehicle circulating at that time going towards Bexon or Vanard,three or four guys in a car at that time,they aint farmers.These guys are from the area.We still need to have more information.Was there a confrontation that caused the death of the owner of the house.? Lets get these guys please.

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