Saudi Arabia Executes 81 Men In One Day

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Saudi Arabia says it executed 81 men on Saturday – more than during the whole of last year.

The group – including seven Yemenis and one Syrian national – were convicted of “multiple heinous crimes”, including terrorism, state news agency SPA said.

Some were charged with belonging to the Islamic State group (IS), al-Qaeda or the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Rights organisations say many do not receive fair trials in Saudi Arabia, an allegation the government rejects.

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According to SPA, the latest group had been tried by 13 judges and gone through a three-stage judicial process.

They were accused of plotting attacks on vital economic targets, killing or targeting members of the security forces, kidnapping, torture, rape and smuggling weapons into the country.

Saudi Arabia has one of the highest execution rates in the world – fifth in a list compiled by Amnesty International, the other four being China, Iran, Egypt and Iraq.

It executed 69 people last year.

Source: BBC News. Headline photo: Internet stock image

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  1. Saudi Arabia; i don’t have any problems with the execution of people who potential threats in the country. We ourselves in the Caribbean Islands; our lives are unstable with deadly and malicious criminals. So why? Are you calling on the local authorities to do something about CRIME? Why; can be done except going the Saudi Arabian way? Stopped being hypocritical.

  2. The Saudis are renowned head-choppers…and spawned the ISIS head-choppers…who still are under contract to western governments in Syria, Libya, and very soon Ukraine (where NATO nationals not interested in dying for neo-Nazi clowns); since the US is now only interested creating a quagmire in Ukraine, for Russia (even though that strategy failed miserably in Syria). They will continue to be kept in fearless, fever-pitched fighting spirit via the jihadi drug, “Captagon”. (see how it’s been done before: “”)

    So, why this British Bull$#!t Corporation “News” hit-piece, now?

    The self-inflicted pain (shooting their own feet) of sanctions against Russia by the collective west is intensifying (food & gas prices + + +); so, by featuring this article now, pressure is being brought to bear against Saudi dictators who have said β€œla’!” (No!) to increasing oil production for easing the collective west’s self-induced distress.

    It’s also why the US were seen groveling before Venezuela & Iran; two countries they have sanctioned mercilessly over the last 2 decades.

    • Just wanted to ask anyone of the intrepid commentators here if there is any significance to the fact that all 81 of those beheaded by the Saudis were Shiite!

  3. I read this on another site and the site specifically said Saudia Arabia didn’t disclosed what method of execution was used. But here you have SLT inserting a photo of a potential beheading. This photo is misleading SLT. Smh

  4. Saudi Arabia is just like Russia, anybody against their regime could face a death penalty, they don’t have to be a terrorist or a killer notice they didn’t mention the others executed. You could be executed just for stealing or adultry or if someone says something against their leadership. Its all a regime to keep the people abiding under their dictatorship rule. I heard the Saudi King is the richest man in the world and they produce the most oil in the world.

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