Friday, September 20, 2019

Saving The Nation Through The Family

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Press Release:- Why is the family so important?

Very simply because it is the place where children are born and raised. God’s children are born on the earth through families.  How these children are raised will determine for a big part how much they will succeed in the society and stand as God’s children.

On Tuesday, August 20th, religious leaders from the South of the island met in Vieux-Fort at the NSDC building to discuss on the theme “Saving the Nation through the Family.”

This symposium was hosted by the Universal Peace Federation, an international NGO with chapters in 190 nations; one of its mottos is: “The Family is the School of Love and Peace”. The practice of love begins at home and parents stand as role models.

It started with four short presentations.

Father Ignatius Cetoute, the Roman Catholic priest of Soufriere and Fond St Jacques shared his valuable experience as a trained counselling psychologist. He read some excerpts from his Master thesis: “Effective parenting and enhancing self-esteem in youth.” He remarked that many times couples who have difficulties wait too long to have counselling. There is no shame to seek help.

Elder Lorin Boggs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints quoted the President of his church as saying: “No other success can compensate for failure at home” stressing how the family is important. He said each family studying at home during the week and then meeting on Sunday as a church community was a good formula for their families.

Pastor Ren Rodney stressed how happy he was to be in this symposium with people of other faiths discussing together the problems of the family. He said that sometimes churches are defeating their very purpose to create family unity by having too many evening activities at the church. It’s not the long attendance in church that makes us better.

Remy Taupier of the Universal Peace Federation showed how some families produced responsible citizens for the nation generation after generation.  On the contrary, some families produced problem citizens (stealing, drunkenness, immorality, poverty) in need of social support generation after generation. Only by creating solid families can they escape the cycle of poverty.

After these presentations, religious leaders shared their views and their worries about the family with a sincere heart. They felt free to share with each other in a way that they have rarely experienced.

They felt that it was important that religious leaders can come together to discuss national issues. 

This gathering created great hope and expectation to find ways to strengthen families. They decided to meet again in a near future.


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  1. Great, it is about time some one realised the importance oc the family in creating a just and peaceful community, nation and world.


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