Scammers Create Fake Social Media Accounts In Name Of Saint Lucia PM

Scammers have created fake social media accounts in the name of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, prompting him to issue an alert on his official Facebook page.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are several fake accounts in my name contacting persons about Grant Assistance for projects,”  Chastanet wrote.

“Please note that none of these accounts belong to me and at NO time will I or any Government Minister message you directly about such programmes,” he said.

“I beg your assistance in reporting, sharing and notifying as many of your Facebook friends about these scams to avoid anyone losing their hard earned money. We are in the process of identifying the scammers and suitable action will be taken against these individuals,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister stated.

Some persons responded by saying that they had received messages from the fake accounts not only in the name of Allen Chastanet, but also from individuals purporting to be Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King, the Governor General and others.

Several indicated that they knew it was a scam.

“First off I would never believe any message sent by the prime minister or any of he’s candidates unless if it’s elections cause as far as I’m concerned that’s the only time you guys message or responds to anyone,’ Rednaxela Campari Alexander wrote.



  1. Some St lucians are very sad because their party not in power,im wordering weather they like country or better change their personalities because God don’t like hatred.

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