Schools closed on Thursday and Friday

GIS Press Release:-  Following a prestrike meeting with all relevant stakeholders held on Wednesday 26th September 2018 and on gaining important information from the Saint Lucia Met Service about the passing of Tropical Storm Kirk, it has been decided that all schools across Saint Lucia will be closed on Thursday 27th September 2018 and all students are expected to stay home.

Schools will remain closed on Friday 28th September 2018. However, all principals and teachers are expected to report to school tomorrow from 9am to activate their continuous operations plans.

All private and public work institutions will remain open. If any information contrary to this becomes available it will be released in reasonable time.

Information received at the pre-strike meeting from the Saint Lucia Met office is that Saint Lucia remains under Tropical storm warning. The first effects of Tropical storm Kirk are expected to be felt in Saint Lucia at approximately midday tomorrow Thursday 27th. The full effect of the storm should be felt around 8pm. The storm is forecasted to carry a lot of rain. These rains will continue into Friday.

The National Emergency Management Organisation urges all citizenry to be prepared and to heed any information relayed over the media. And to always remember to only take note of the information disseminated by the NEMO secretariat and the Saint Lucia Met Services.

Any additional information will be put out in reasonable time by these organisations via the Government Information Service.



  1. Where Do I leave my two kids when i report to School tomorrow choops tan the Authorities..Martinique closing schools and no work…choops again tan

  2. Sweetness I couldnt agree with you more. Sometimes I wonder if they even remember the parents who hv to take care of the kids when they shut down the schools. It should be an islandwide shutdown and not just schools….we are expecting a storm so why do things halfway???? SMH

  3. We had time to plan for the summer vacation, whether we took vacation from work, sourced summer programs for children, paid a sitter, but when you say no school now for now and parents have to go work, it doesn’t make sense.

  4. That’s because you’ll never prepare for hurricanes.we are in the hurricane season and you’ll always have to plan for this to me it’s a poor excuse.i have kids I am always making preparations for these things.

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