Schools Undergo $10 Million In Rehabilitation

The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Hon. Allen Chastanet and Minister for Education, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert, last week visited schools around the island undergoing renovations in time for the coming academic year.

The prime minister said that despite the improvements, there is still more that needs to be done.

“Last summer we invested EC$10 million in the rehabilitation of schools,” he said. “This summer, we are again investing another EC$10 million in the rehabilitation of over 50 schools across the island. Although this is a substantial investment, it still feels like a drop in the bucket. To put this into perspective, over the last two years we have spent roughly EC$1 million to address issues at the Babonneau Secondary School, and it is still a long way from where we would ideally like it to be.

“During the tour, I was troubled to learn from one principal that her school hadn’t received any major capital investment since it was built in 1982. This is utterly unacceptable. Our teachers and students deserve better.”

The prime minister added that the government remains committed to investing the necessary resources until every school provides a world class atmosphere for teaching and learning.


  1. Can’t wait for the negative comments and Pierre weekly Press Release to oppose this initiative. I was always puzzled that a mere 1 million was allocated by the gov’t for school maintenance for the past 15 yrs. 15- 20 yrs of neglect cannot be resolved in 2 yrs. So sad. Continue Mr. PM. Just plz don’t be thinking that Ned and Mega Contractors are the only persons who can do school rehab.

    • SMH, why are you so fascinated with Pierre? You are so taken up with the man that you spend so much time predicting what his next move is.

      • SMH you are part of the 43%. Where did the Other the 10 million dollars when the treasury is dry and in order to renovate the schools he had to tax teachers and other public servants 50% on a scrabby back pay. Idiots will always be in a hurry þo defend a bigger idiot. Smh

  2. Mr Prime Minister, I am reading monies provided for World class atmosphere for teaching and learning. A welcomed initiative but it should be complemented with World class teaching and the use of modern teaching aid. We need to improve the standard of literacy in Saint Lucia.

  3. PM nice to hear 10 million dollars…
    Be guided we can get better value ,quality and quantity of work through competitive bidding.
    Basic economics dictates that market forces should dictate prices.

  4. WOW, ten million dollars on repairs of 50 schools means on average $200,000 thousand per school. I guess these schools will be almost brand new. But why are most of the contracts given in direct awards? Why so much work went to Gale’s brother and contractors associated with him?

    • Lol, you are asking the real questions, it’s unfortunate that they won’t be answered. I personally do not think anyone; the PM nor the ministers should run for more than 2 terms.

  5. $10,000,000 on repairs of 50 schools means on average $200,000 per school. I guest these schools will all be almost brand new. At that rate, why were most of the contracts given in direct awards and why is it that Gale’s brother and associates received so many of these awards?

  6. Money for the friends and family…one set alone benefiting. The poor man can’t get a bread but Gale brother getting all. Gale how much of that 10 million did your brother get?

  7. What if $10 mill spent but value of works is a mere $4 mill ? My point is that we the people must be able to see through the political smoke screen and focus on what matters most for our children and teachers! Taunting high spending figures means nothing to me as a teacher! I spend over $60 per week helping hungry children get through the day at my school. I know there is/was a school feeding programme- what is the status of it?

  8. We need an impartial contract board to take the responsibility out off these politicians hands. because they are abusing it to enrich their party operatives and family members under the guise of School rehabilitation. Make the bidding process public, do reports at the end of each year detailing all the contracts granted for the year. Be accountable to the electorate.

  9. Schools should not be allowed to deteriorate to such an extent where by, for example, the roof begins to leak, or mould appears on the walls, or worse still, electrical wiring is dangling from the walls/ceilings. They must be repaired annually. Surely there must be a maintenance budget put in place for public buildings. This is how it is normally done elsewhere.

  10. These are the same people that are involved in the John Copton Dam dregging,oh boy,and ministers have dump trucks working there also

  11. we need a impartial person to go and evaluate the work done in these 50 schools. unfortunately many of it is shabby work for big money. st. lucìans are too stupid than.
    give us a list of the School, what was done and the cost. Let us be the judge.

  12. Before I share my observation let me first state that I am not affiliated with any political party. However, I am a St. Lucian by birth.

    What’s troubling to me is that the PM states he was troubled to learn that a particular principle’s school had not received any major capital investment since it was built in 1982. If there is a ministry responsible for education I don’t understand why this information regarding the school was unknown to the powers that be within the ministry.

    Don’t they prepare reports and conduct due diligence within the educational system…just saying.

    There are organizations who travel to St. Lucia at their own personal expense to assist. Your educational system clearly needs to be re-assessed.

  13. 200 gran…per school? The roof still leaking, some of the students still have no furniture, teachers missing desk in the staff room and the classroom, some classrooms have no boards, some classrooms have falling doors, and I could go on. So which of the 50 schools got that 200 Gran….

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