Science & Technology Takes Front Stage Again This Summer

PRESS RELEASE:-The Department of Sustainable Development, through the Renewable Energy Division, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the Third Biennial National Science and Technology Summer Camp from July 24 – 28, 2017 at the Public Service Training Institute, Union, Castries. A special areas of focus will be Renewable Energy.

The theme for this year’s Camp is “Science and Technology; Using Energy As  A Catalyst for Sustainable Livelihoods”.

The National Science and Technology Summer Camp will afford students the opportunity to learn principles of Science and Technology in an enjoyable, interactive and collaborative manner.

The main objectives of the Science and Technology Summer Camp are: to engage students in the experimental learning of Science and Technology, provide hands-on experience for developing capabilities in technological innovation and entrepreneurship, to build national capacity for Science and Technology for problem solving and increase popularization for Science and Technology.

The Science Camp will also allow participants to develop an appreciation for different Sustainable Energy concepts, e.g. energy frontiers, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy conservation and climate change.

Importantly, students attending the Camp will be taught how to take an idea and develop it into an innovation, how to engage in experimentation, and how to create prototypes.

The Camp—which will be attended by a total of 30 students from private and public secondary schools—will be facilitated by Dr. Chaney St. Martin and Mr. Mario Lewis of Inter-American Institute for the Co-operation of Agriculture (IICA). The facilitators are also entrepreneurs and innovators of the Trinidad-based company “Smart Ready”.

The grand and exciting Science Camp will end with an exhibition featuring the students’ projects.

For more information, please contact Mr. Leslie Serieux at 451-8746 or [email protected].