Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sealys Responds To Concerns Over Carnival Debauchery

The President of Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia says half-naked female carnival revellers are the least of her concerns.

Catherine Sealys told St Lucia Times that she has seen a lot of comments on Facebook about the debauchery of the revellers.

But Sealys, asserting that she is not a ‘Carnival person’ and does not watch the event, believes there are bigger issues that need to be addressed in this country.

“I respect everybody’s right to enjoy themselves, but I am also expecting that the police would have done their job and if lines and boundaries were crossed, there is a public indecency act that the police can invoke,” she told St Lucia Times.

Sealys asserted that it was apparent that the police did not see any wrongdoing.

“I did not hear of any arrests for indecent behaviour,” the Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia official observed.

At the same time she said she had issues with a police officer violently beating a mentally challenged person.

It was a reference to a video that was recently posted on social media of an armed police officer in uniform hitting a handcuffed suspect with the broad side of a cutlass.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has since announced that an investigation is underway into the incident while the officer was being sent on leave.

Sealys told St Lucia Times she also has issues with a man raping a two year old and a woman pouring a pan of boiling water on another female.

She explained that those matters are of greater concern to her than if someone decides to go naked on the road.

“I do not want to be the one to condemn people when they’re having their fun, while we as a group are dealing with some gruesome things,” Sealys declared.

“We have a Boys’ Training Centre that is a pipeline to prison project; we have a children’s home that is a pipeline to domestic violence, unwanted pregnancy, sexual abuse and rape,” she lamented.

“We have a Department of Human Services that throws out a 15 year old they had her in foster care because she is sixteen and the law says at sixteen you are an adult,” Sealys observed.

She explained that no arrangements were made for the teenager.

She expressed the opinion that those issues are much bigger than a woman being half-naked on the street during carnival.

“The police should so their job if they feel anyone has crossed the line. But I feel as an advocate for people who cannot speak for themselves that these are small matters.”

Sealys described as being very offensive  to her, that the government of Saint Lucia would take $30 million of  pension money to  which she and others have contributed to build recreational facilities for the rich and famous.

“The least of my worries is a woman half-naked on the road and having fun,” she told St Lucia Times.


  1. I strongly agree with Miss Sealy’s statement; it’s her body and her choice. There are more important problems in our country that need to be dealt with. Thank you Miss Sealy, with people like you we can bring our country back to where it once was.

  2. Mrs Seal…Look for your fi$h. Your political appointment will silent you. Mary and Alvina and the others only speak about women when they wanted power and position….Keep to the topic. The level of vulgarity and indecency does not concern you… Give me a break…

  3. Mrs sealy i rememeber a time where u were following chastnet like a pup.were there any issues then why now..
    Are u crying for your labour supper .give the government a break u sound like a party hack just look at the real issues ahead

  4. At 16 years old , you’re an adult according to Saint Lucia’s Law? What is the age of consent?
    Legal drinking age and voting age is 18 right?

    • Why is it the police who has to make that call for indecency! And in the same breath you speak about the police with the cutlass, they will lay back. It doesn’t affect you seeing this; then be quiet

  5. So because there’s bigger issues at hand,our little country should be sodomized by young people who have no respect for their bodies. Two wrongs don’t make a right and please leave the Police out of your crap talk. You are a classic and need to be educated

  6. Actually is the ignoring of small issues that create the bigger once that we can’t control today. The gradual break down of society’s moral have made us cold, selfish and careless.while some are fighting to maintain order and morality, others fight for disorder calling it all kinds cover up names…what to do but just observe

  7. I do believe that the recently passed Family Law Bills including the Child Care and Protection Act has stipulated that an individual is a child until the age of 18. The age of consent has been raised to 18 years as well.

  8. So why you trust the police so much now by saying that they would have acted if a crime was committed? You have never trusted the police in dealing with matters involving females. You are just a woman trying to make everything that a woman does appear as right. I guess we can blame the men for that. Right?

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