Sky News:-  Screaming and waving her hands in the air, the incredible moment a drowning woman’s life was saved was captured on camera at an Australian beach.

The female swimmer got into trouble in the water at Sydney’s Bronte Beach on Thursday, according to local media.

Two lifeguards who had arrived early to prepare for their 7am shift spotted her and jumped into the water to save her life.

The images show the woman realising she was beginning to be engulfed by the powerful waves and begin to flail in the water while screaming for help.

By the time lifeguards Andrew Reid and Troy Stewart managed to reach the woman, who they identified only as ‘Susy’, she had disappeared several times under the water.

They managed to reach her and swim her back on a board.

“We were actually just looking out and checking the conditions to see how we would set up the beach and a massive set rolled in and I actually joked I wouldn’t want to be out in that today,” Mr Reid told the Daily Mail Australia.

Getty photographer Jenny Evans told local news publisher she was at the beach photographing the surf and whales.

She had noticed the water was particularly rough, describing them as “insane”.

“I was trying to get some shots of the big surf, but then I heard a loud scream,” she said.

“It was so frightening because, at first, I thought it was a child and I thought ‘what should I do?'” she said.

Ms Evans says Susy was the only person swimming and was in a section of the beach which is usually calm and used by children.

“Everyone acted really quickly when they heard her and they started screaming for help,” she said.

“She managed to get on her feet, but then she was swept away again.

“It was so distressing to see her go under. There was a moment when I thought ‘she’s gone’.

“She was so lucky there were lifeguards there because nobody can swim in that kind of water.”

An on-looker who had attempted to rescue Susy had also been overwhelmed by the water.

Another lifeguard managed to rescue him before going to help his colleagues and other passers-by tending to Susy.