Second NRC-UWI Open Campus Online Reparations Lecture On Thursday

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Press Release:- The Saint Lucia National Reparations Committee (NRC), in collaboration and cooperation with the UWI’s Center for Reparations Research (CRR) and the UWI Open Campus (Saint Lucia), will on Thursday evening host the second in the monthly series of National Reparations Lectures with a presentation by the head of the Caribbean’s premier reparations research agency.

Primarily aimed at the region’s schools, student and teachers, the September 24th online lecture will be delivered by Professor Verene Shepherd, Director of The UWI’s Center for Reparations Research (CRR), who will speak on the topic ‘Reparation, Psychological Rehabilitation and Pedagogical Strategies’.

Thursday’s lecture is also the first in a second series of lectures, this time aimed at the island’s and the Caribbean’s schools.

Following two successful online webinar events in June that featured a regional conference for youth and students on June 12, 2020 and the first Sir Arthur Lewis International Symposium (SALIS 2020) on June 16, 2020, the NRC planned the two parallel lecture series to be conducted monthly to national and school audiences.

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The NRC’s first lecture series was launched in August 2016 by Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) Ambassador Dr June Soomer, which was followed by a series of lectures to secondary schools in 2017.

The two 2020 series build on the strengths of the earlier series and this time around, in addition to the established cooperation with The UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia, under the direction of a National Preparatory Committee (NPC) that includes Chairperson of the National Nobel Laureates Committee Dame Pearlette Louisy (GGE), Monsignor Dr Patrick Anthony and UWI Open Campus head Mrs Lesley Crane Mitchell.

Thursday’s lecture is also the second in a series launched last month with the inaugural lecture by Monsignor Anthony on ‘From Black Power to Black Lives Matter: What Next for Reparations? 

But, like the other eleven to follow monthly in each series, its topics were chosen to allow schools, students and teachers to better understand the issues surrounding the pursuit of Reparations for Slavery and Native Genocide for Britain and member-states of the European Union that participated in an benefitted from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

The two series also include lectures highlighting the role of Saint Lucia’s Sir Arthur Lewis as the Intellectual Author of the Blueprint for Caribbean Reparations and the roles played by earlier pioneers in the region’s Reparations Movement. 

The national lectures target national audiences, but the schools’ series targets regional schools and will involve presenters from the Caribbean and beyond, with participation by students and teachers at local secondary schools and interaction with regional fellow students and teachers.

The Jamaica-based CRR is arranging the regional schools’ lectures and the two series are being held as part of the ongoing national outreach mandated by the CARICOM Reparations Commission (CRC) and the CARICOM Secretariat.

The Saint Lucia NPC comprises stakeholder organizations and entities alongside members of the Executive of the NRC and volunteers.

Meanwhile, the October 2020 National online lecture will be delivered in Kweyol, as part of the observance here of Kweyol Heritage Month.

It will be delivered by Dame Pearlette Louisy, well-remembered for her pioneering and inimitable delivery of the Annual Throne Speeches (at the opening of every Session of Parliament) partly translated in Kweyol, during the 20 years she served as Saint Lucia’s Governor General.

October also being the month during which the world joins in solidarity with First People, Indigenous Communities and Native Americans to demand downplaying of Columbus and highlighting of the real roles of victims of the European conquest that followed, the second lecture in the school series will be entitled The Myth of Extinction: Indigenous Peoples & Their Survival Strategies

Thursday’s online lecture by Professor Shepherd will begin at 8pm and will be available on Facebook and YouTube at links being advertised in attached flier.

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