Second shooting victim dies

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The second victim in Saturday’s shooting incident at Desrameaux, Gros Islet, has died, police have confirmed.

19 year old Callis Benjamin succumbed to his injuries Saturday, according to law enforcement officials.

Benjamin is said to have sustained a gunshot wound to the right upper chest.

Another teenager, identified as Rohan Greg Louison, 13, died earlier of injuries as a result of the same shooting incident, which is currently being investigated by the police.

St Lucia Times was informed that the shooting occurred about 5:30 pm.



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  1. Lord put a hand, our country is in serious trouble. When the tree is wrotten, everything which it produces is lifeless. We need to start prsypra for our country.

  2. Sincerest and heart-felt sympathy to the parents and relatives of the deceased. I only can imagine the severe emotional distress that you are presently experiencing right now. Not enough is presently being done to curb this frequent bloodletting. Leadership is wanting. The United Workers Party made crime one of their main issues during the last election campaign. Now the bodies are piling up and they are completely devoid of answers to halt this unrelenting slaughter of the citizens. The useless Minister of National Security should resign forthwith. He collects thousands of taxpayers dollars every month for just watching the constant slaughter of teenagers and others. He’s just a shameless misfit.

  3. All what we are seeing now is Kenny Anthony’s fault for opening his face and working against the interests of St Lucians. Operation restore confidence was the solution for those useless youth who had St Lucians held to ransom.

  4. In this small country illegal guns and ammo have become as ubiquitous as mobile phones. Meanwhile law abiding citizens require permission from the Police Commissioner to import toy guns and to legally obtain a firearm. Does the Commissioner have sufficient intelligence on who is supplying illegal firearms to the criminal underworld?

  5. Our Police Intelligence was destroyed by Kenny, when he stopped ORC; and went on air to open his big mouth to talk crap.And here we are with a bunch of worthless ones who promised to take care of crime! How many more must die?
    Everyone of you must step down for public betrayal!

  6. It’s a shame to here people talking about government and crime do you know who shoot it the government that sending people to shoot people the same way you don’t know who the police don’t know who what you want make obia to know who shoot who.can any one control the youth who can stop that no one the laws are not implemented so we will see and here more things stop blaming others for others mistakes the same way you can’t do anything about it you expect government to do.and when they do youall complaining brutality. Know what you want before you open your mouth.

    • Why don’t you stop making an embarrassment of yourself? You don’t even know the difference between ‘here’ and ‘hear’. Go and educate yourself before you find fault with others. You have two punctuation marks in such a long comment. No wonder you can’t see further than your eyelashes. The government is responsible for providing protection for its citizens, legal residents and visitors. When people are dying like flies and there are no solutions coming forth from the government, those who are entrusted to protect the population, must be criticized. This administration deserves a big, fat ‘F’ for its dismal performance on lowering criminal activities.

      • oh God my dear st Lucian everyone complaining about about the crime in st Lucia,
        crime is a big business,
        the lawyers making big bucks the gun runners also making big bucks, the judge’s making money you name it,
        the popo are also corrupted,

  7. The point is not to politise crime but wasn’t it Chastanet with the hypocrite Sarah Flood who promised to decrease crime. Her constituency is the most violent.
    Was it not Chastanet who was touted as the CEO master who would attract massive investment . Now we hear he loses $22,000,000 of taxpayers money on one project.
    He pays another $23,000,000 on a ‘masterplan’ for sports.
    He spends $10,000,000 or more on travel and phone calls.
    It was always said he was a spendthrift who does not know the value of money. Well experience now shows how true this is.
    We all want St Lucia to do well but after 2 1/6 years we have nothing to show for all his hot air and fast talking.

    • Nothing is wrong with that. Politics affects every aspect of one’s life. It affects the food you eat, the air you breathe, the job you have, the education your children receive, the roads you travel on, your house, your vehicle, your clothes, everything. So nothing is wrong in having political views and airing them.

  8. Its amazing how so many or y’all in the comments oh lord but a hand but how many of y’all really pray, honestly or take God seriously yes y’all are upset that the young men die but think about it some of us need to get our hearts straight..

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