Second Victim Of Chaussee Road Shooting Dies

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A second man has died following last week’s shooting incident on Chaussee Road, Castries, police have confirmed.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as twenty-seven-year-old Mergatette Joseph.

He died on Friday.

On Wednesday, officers took one man into custody and impounded a vehicle that came under gunfire on Chaussee Road, Castries.

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One man, identified as Eli Joseph, succumbed shortly after that incident which occurred around 7:30 pm.

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  1. Some of the gang bangers have never been in a plane in their entire life nor will they ever. They may not be able to spell read or write but they watch videos etc. St. Lucia has always had thugs and malvatayes way before deportation began..however it’s gotten worst because of envy jealousy etc etc. and influx of guns. There were gangs when I was there over fifty years ago …these thugs are simply a cursed generation of good for nothings with 🩸 blood on their hands. They have already sowed a bloody harvest of no return.

  2. good riddance to bad rubbish and illegal activity. one less drug dealer on the streets. Saw a video of this guy counting endless of hundred dollar bills on a bed . you dont have no business or a 9 to 5 so where you get all that money from? who knows they maybe robbed the same set of guys that shot at them. People know whats going on but they just not talking

  3. Every single vehicle that is involved in shootings are tinted ‘ midnight black . This is agonist the law in other caribean countries and drivers are ticketed for it … not so in St Lucia … WHY

    • because saint lucia is the only country where people minding people business is job. yall cant see people driving in their vehicle without yall watching to see who is in it . and i am referring to law abiding citizens that own a a vehicle eh. Yall walking on the road yall foot ready to go in a hole but yall eyes stick on the driver windscreen. mind yall damn business

  4. Has anyone ever considered that the violence (I read about so often) is mimicking the violence on the streets of Brooklyn and other metropolitan cities … there must be a co-relation. Our nationals, who are “about that life” in the “big cities” get deported and go home with nothing to do, no prospects so they will fall back into what they did where they were sent from and the up-and-coming start looking up to then, admiring their “swag” and decide to be like them … bearing in mind many of those deportees have lived many years abroad, some don’t even remember what life is like on our island. Now I know this is not a solution but before the cancer can be eradicated, the cause needs to be identified and isolated. It’s hard on a nation when people are thrust into a society of thousands and are living like they did in a populations of millions.

    • agreed, most lucian don’t check themself first but they are ready to ridicule others and bemoan them in every way possible. I keep saying the deportees of all kinds of crime are walking among us and are praying on our daughter, sisters and in some case mothers. That being said a big business individual is pimping people’s daughter in the gros islet town region and he runs a club right in that town area

    • thats exactly what is happening. How did you think OTF from jacmel was born in saint Lucia? those of you who follow rap music will know they trying to copy King Von a rapper in the USA, if you go and research him you will hear the number of people this guy has killed ad he smartly mentions it in his songs but guess what all rope has an end and they shot and killed king von the “real otf”

  5. Now is the time to show all concerned that a stop must/will be done to put an end to this stupidity; this is beyond crazy, if not yet, it is bound to destroy any thought of investment on this Island. Your Tourist Industry will be the first to suffer. Irrespective of what the big Countries would say, it is necessary right now to take some immediate action to end this madness. CALL A SPECIAL MEETING IN THE HOUSE, TABLE A MOTION TO RESUME HANGING. Enough is enough; you must fight fire with fire, show the Gang who is Boss. I’m sure right now they are convinced they are in charge – a little jail, and they’ll be out in short order – the top brass are now laughing at you Mr. P.M.
    Who is running this Government? is the Cabinet squeeky clean? is every member clean? then show us.’ never thought St. Lucia could sink to this level’ though we went through 2nd world War, two ships were Torpedoed in the harbour, some got killed, people have never been so afraid as today. Lord, hear our prayer, Come to our aid, we need you now. Amen.


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