Security Company Boss Says Country Too ‘Reactive’ To Crime

Asserting that in Saint Lucia people are too reactive to crime, the General Manager of the security company -Guardsman here, Jeanine Henry,  has told Hot FM News that if measures are taken to  reduce criminal activity there is a possibility that they can be prevented.

“In Saint Lucia we are very reactive towards crime ,” Henry told the local media house.

She observed that a lot of companies, businesses establishments or residential clients  are putting  systems in place after the crime has occurred.

“But it has already happened, so taking preventative measures will reduce the probability of crime. Crime occurs when there is opportunity,” the security company official explained.

It was observed that some people opt  for the basics of having just anyone on a site.

But Henry underscored the need for continuous training.

“We do not compromise on training,” she said of her company, adding that Guardsman officers are on the firing ranges often in the year with training being mandatory.

She disclosed that they are often mentored, coached and monitored.

“Humans will become comfortable in an environment where they are placed over a period of time, so it is important that if you want persons level of alertness to remain you may have to redeploy rotate or mentor – someone visiting the various locations,” she told Hot FM News.

According to the Guardsman official, it is not simply a matter of training, getting a licensed firearm and leaving an individual to secure a location.

“It is really what you do afterwards that is important,” Henry said.


    • Guava Jelly, did you read the article three times? I bet you didn’t but with the comment you just made you should be reading everything at least three times. Gosh Man

  1. I think what she is saying is that people will take steps to protect themselves or property after something has happened not before. Or if it’s done before, it’s usually very basic protection that would not do much to deter a criminal.
    Basically she said that we must always be braced and ready for the worst at all times.
    Just my take

  2. That women should keep quiet as she is an exploit of the guards his can you expect your staff to live on 4:25 cent an hour working 12 hour shifts with one day off what future can that give a man whiles you earn thousands and can afford a mortgage a high end vehicle and eat 3 meals a day whiles the guards can only afford a bag of dry crackers in a bag pack because of greed and exploitation your beauty will consume in the grave because of no opptunities in the island young men take those jobs and put their lives at risk for 4:25 cent just to buy food is that what St Lucian people are worth

    • Sue Sear
      You took the job knowing the conditions of work and furthermore there are opportunities. If you had stayed in school you would not have to settle for those working conditions.

  3. Guava Jelly it is obvious that you do not understand what the lady is saying. She is absolutely correct. She is saying that most St. Lucians put the measures in place AFTER the crime. She asserted that we should take action BEFORE to reduce the probability of a crime occurring. For example: West Tech may put an armed Security Guard now that they are robbed. But maybe if they had one before, the criminal may not have taken the chance. Another example is that when someone’s home is burglarized they may put in burglar bars or an alarm system after. So I agree with her ALL the way.

  4. We were so nice,granny would say oh no you cant shoot the guys.Granny if they come to this place,with sinister ideas,they will leave in a stretcher,strait to the morgue,Thats what grandpa used to say,and thats what I say also.

  5. A Commissioner of Police hearing such statement by a civilian firm, clearly not on par with the Police Service, should be counting his days in office.


    Many thanks St. Lucia Online for updates.

    It is is a natural tendency for people to react to crime, just as they would react to adversities or other troubling issues.

    Believed that the ‘…Security Boss’ meant no personal harm to the Commissioner. However, hearing such statement by the ‘…head of a civilian security firm,’ clearly not on par with the Police Service, as the people begin to count the days for Christmas, should be counting his days.

    From a professional perspective, the statement by the ‘…private security firm on ‘…reaction to crime might be looked at from four angles;

    (i) …Extremely damning to the Royal St. Lucia Police Service that has the overall responsibility for
    protecting and serving the citizenry;

    (ii) …that the Commissioner of Police might be starved of operational strategies in bringing respite to
    the populace; and

    (iii) …Self-serving, in that it helps to boost the reputation of the security firm; (iii) …Promoting and/or
    marketing the firm as offering better service to that seemingly obtained from the Police

    Even so, the ‘…Security Boss,’ has a point. This happens when the citizens, particularly, those with the ‘…financial capacity’ are unhappy with the Police Service, contracted these Security firms.

    In fact the citizens are paying double for security. If it was asked how is that, the answer is simple;

    (i) …Their taxes go toward salaries of Police officers; and

    (ii) …because the Police appear ineffective in curtailing or controlling crime, they hire security firms. For
    the benefit of the readers at this news portal, it will do no harm to know the ‘…Crime Triangle.’

    A crime will not be committed if one of these are missing;

    (i) …the Intent which victims cannot see;
    (ii) …the Victim, which the potential victim do not know; and
    (iii) …the Opportunity which the criminal often seized with the element of surprise and speed.’

    The situation is not dissimilar here in ‘…Antigua and Barbuda.’ Security firms have been springing up overnight.

    Even so, indigent people cannot afford the ‘…luxury of hiring Security guards watch while they sleep.

    Those with small business operations have not the means to (a) ‘…install cameras; (b) …pay monitors or (c) …pay for armed or unarmed security guards.’

    In spite of these challenges, citizens shall take whatever measures are necessary within the realm of law to protect themselves. Most importantly, they shall support and cooperate with the Police.

    The Police know what they should do to overcome, inter alia, ‘…citizen distrust and confidentiality.’

  6. All of a sudden we have plenty security experts in St. Lucia. All the experts criticizing the GS4 Head of Security have talked a pile of nonsense, NONE WITH A SOLUTION. She is right. So what, if she proposes additional security measures? She is part of the SOLUTION while most of the silly commentators here remain part of the PROBLEM – useless talkers!

  7. Reading those comments proves exactly why St Lucia and St lucians will continue to be backward and remain reactive, not just to crime. A simple statement as to why we are to be proactive rather than reaction while at the same time promoting her company, you mean people have to open their flappers and release such horse dunk?? I mean come on.

  8. Very interesting scenario. I quite agree with her observation. Point is: One should not take measure after the fact. You remember Granny: “A stitch in time save 9.” Act now and avoid being regretful.

  9. I am appauled at the personal attack at the lady because of a statement she made to raise the consciousness of St Lucians. People are so ignorant (in all senses of the word) and this is the main reason for crime.
    The idiot speaking about the conditions of work: businesses want to pay very little for Security and that is why they have watchmen. So any person with business sense will know that you can only pay from what you receive from your customers.
    The woman had to work hard for what she has now and may have had to go to university. So whereas the security guards have to risk their lives, they chose the jobs and accepted the conditions of work!

  10. What the security company says is OK .You can not compare the company against the police force .The two do tottally diffrent jobs The company takes care of a small specific area,and in that perimeter it performs its job.The police force has to be spread out,in a public area surrounded by human beings of all tipes and standards,that create challenges in all aspects.A smart security guard,will create his own landscape,within the compound he is guarding,he will know the vulnerable areas,and how to counter atack.In the street,you react to something that is taking place.or an event that has allready taken place.You react with no knoledge of the event,amidst the shouting and screams and the crowds that are there all ready.Dont mix things.

  11. Lot of shooting last night in Uper Belair,but no news or talk about it.Bring it out guys we all need to know what is happening,in our comunities

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