Security options for SMC being explored after attack on students

The Ministry of Education is exploring security options for Saint Mary’s College (SMC), after Tuesday’s attack on students during school hours.

Education Minister, Doctor Gale Rigobert, told the Times that since learning of the incident, not only are options being explored but attention is also being given to making  resources available to the educational institution to bolster security.

Rigobert said she bitterly regretted the incident.

She disclosed that she understood that the students were traumatized.

As a result the Minister promised that her Ministry would make counseling services available to them.

She recalled that security at schools was an issue raised at a two day workshop with top management officials of her Ministry.

“At the workshop we reviewed school security issues and what would be the most appropriate measures,” Rigobert told the Times.

On Tuesday four students of SMC who were playing on the school compound were robbed of their mobile telephones and wallets by criminals who accosted them.

SMC Principal, Rowan Seon, told DBS Television Wednesday night that he was “livid” as a result of the incident.

He recalled that it was the first in the school’s 100 year history.

Seon also said that SMC needed urgent help to secure the learning institution.

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