Senior Cop Addresses Allegations of Corruption In The RSLPF

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Assistant Commissioner of Police George Nicholas on Wednesday night addressed allegations of corruption in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), including claims that some officers are in league with members of criminal gangs.

“We mustn’t pay too much attention to the rumours that are going around out there,” he stated during an appearance Wednesday night on the Hot 7 Television programme ‘The Hot Seat’ where the issue surfaced.

“You would hear of allegations of corruption in every sphere of Saint Lucian society whether it be the police, the Customs, the politicians themselves,” Nicholas stated.

“What I can tell you is we have a disciplinary system within our organisation that deals with officers who breach that disciplinary code and if it extends to a criminal act on their part, it would warrant them being arrested and hauled before the court like any other citizen,” he explained.

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“As we speak we have officers sitting at Bordelais serving time,” the senior police officer revealed.

He said those officers were arrested for committing criminal acts.

“Our discipline system, I have every confidence in it – it works and we have tried a number of police officers who have been found wanting, who have breached that disciplinary code,” Nicholas observed.

He said some of those officers have been fined while others have been suspended or fired depending on the offences they committed.

 Police Commissioner Milton Desir had recently announced the termination of an officer for misconduct, raising questions as to why the officer had not been imprisoned.

And Nicholas explained.

“We have our police regulations, we have the police act and these two pieces of legislation govern the conduct of police officers within the organisation,” he said.

“We have other legislation that the general citizenry are subjected to – the Criminal Code, the Drug Act, the Firearms Act, and all of these. We too are subject to those,” he told Hot 7 Television.

“The reason the officer was dismissed fell under the Police Act so that is why a hearing was held internally and then a recommendation was made for his dismissal and the Commissioner acceded to it. He was not charged under the Criminal Code or any of these other legislation that would warrant him being hauled before the court of law,” Nicholas declared.

“Our disciplinary legislation does not lend itself to imposing a prison sentence,” the senior officer stated.

Headline photo: ACP George Nicholas (File image)

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  1. Nicholas has just revealed the loopholes which exist in the system . There is also a lack of transparency and accountability. They can get away with crimes at will. The unknowns in the force are used as scapegoats to give a semblance of fairness.

  2. Well done, Mr Nicholas you are on route to becoming one of them, a politician, with the Bullsh*t which came of your mouth.👏

    Seriously, you think that Saint Lucians are at such a level of stupidity? Looking the other way when one of your colleague(s) is about to do, is doing or has done something wrong, it is corruption. To make matters worse others will take that as a sign to continue and also as a sign of weakness from the person for not reporting it.

    The people of this State knows better so you can continue to LIE and promote CORRUPTION with the RSLPF and the island at large.

    • Yes @Ron you spoke right – accused of rape. Remember that an accusation is not a conviction. Also, a man is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Why then should an officer be punished before being found guilty by a court of law. We should always bear in mind that the rule of law that extends to the common criminals also extends to the police officers. Why then do the public always treat them as guilty until proven innocent?

      Also, we live in a highly corrupt country and therefore should expect a certain level of corruption in the police force. Additionally, I don’t think that there is any police force in the world without a certain degree of corruption, simply because they are staffed by human beings. In fact the is no institution in St Lucia without a degree of corruption. So it is hypocritical of as as a people to expect that all police officers will be saint’s when the country as a whole is so corrupt. The officers didn’t fall from the sky. They were socialized by us and want the same things that we do.

      • Wow lol hear this guy defend rapist in law enforcement, some woman called the morning talk show za fe nous and made claims of being molested and raped by cops. One particular woman said she was raped by one when she was a girl and that officer is now retired and guess what, she is the caretaker of that cop now.
        If you don’t investigate the “accused” then corruption will always be in this force. Like you said St. Lucia is very corrupted however you don’t seem to care to give a solution rather you defend them and those that fail to investigate or even cover up for corrupted individuals.
        Talking about other countries I know the US will not hesitate to investigate accused officers and get results despite their own flaws.

    • @Ron you definitely need to acquaint yourself with the law. Rape is not a victimless crime and therefore the “victim” must report the matter to the police in order that there be an investigation. So if the victim is not bold enough to report the incident then she should keep her trap quiet. It’s that’s simple. No report, no crime.

      • I get you, but if her life was threatened by the accused cop your’ll should have understanding to that. I say your’ll cause I assume you an officer or work with law enforcement. However this is St. Lucia for us where they don’t put in the extra effort to investigate the accused.

  3. All i can say is dont send the lil constables to do patrol when the higher ranks are on speed dial for the drug lords..
    Next if forns arlette case is historic and has been sentenced…bring out the police officers and ministers who use to or still go out with the school girls, and jail their asses.

  4. In my opinion if there was no corruption a retired officer would not have been appointed Commission of Police. Simple .

  5. Sure whatever you say Mr Nicholas but many know better. Surely I would not expect you to come out and say ‘yes’ and the interviewer was not intelligent enough to rephrase her question or ask a second question in regards to your answer.

  6. Mr. Nicholas I would like to know whether there are any senior officer/s with disciplinary matters against them. I noted that you only made mention of the lower ranks. If yes, what is the outcome of these matters.

    I am aware there is one accused of IMPACS misconduct, as I said, accused of- what is the outcome of that investigation considering it is now about 9 to 10 years. Doesn’t it occur to you that we the public need some answers. Why should such investigators take so long. The word around is that that particular officer did nothing wrong. If that be the case why haven’t the force or the DPP let us know the status of the investigation surrounding that officer. While I am interested in knowing the outcome of that investigation, I must say that it is borderline criminal to have someone waiting for so long for the outcome of an investigation against them. I hope this is not the norm in the police force.

    I would also like to know whether any of your senior officers have been accused of drug involvement or other serious crimes. Word on the streets is that some of them corrupt. If so what became of these reports. We have a right to know these things, after all the force is a public entity.


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