Senior Cop Defends Police Track Record In Investigating Their Own

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A senior member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has defended the track record of police investigations into misconduct by officers, including fatal officer shootings.

The defence came against the backdrop of calls for an independent body.

Assistant Police Commissioner responsible for crime George Nicholas spoke Tuesday night during an appearance on the Choice Television programme ‘Police Insight’.

“We have had a very good track record and a lot of success stories to tell as it relates to investigating our own,” Nicholas told programme Host Sergeant Zachery Hippolyte.

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“I can, off the top of my head, recall about six officers who are presently on suspension having been charged with various criminal offences,” Nicholas said.

He recalled a recent high court trial during which a police officer charged with causing death and represented by ‘one of the top lawyers in Saint Lucia’ changed his plea to guilty.

“Now, which lawyer would advise his client, especially a lawyer of that calibre, would advise his client and a police officer at that to plead guilty?” Nicholas said.

He asserted that it was testimony to the quality of the investigation and the evidence collected by police officers who conducted the probe.

“We currently have police officers who are serving time at Bordelais or former police officers,” the Assistant Commissioner of Police revealed, stressing that police officers investigated those cases.

Nicholas declared that people must understand that the RSLPF investigates crimes, regardless of who commits them.

“So we have a very good track record to be conducting very fair investigations,” he told Police Insight.

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    Who gave the order to let him free? who is the Cop and is he still on the Payroll? how did he ever clear Customs departure Lounge? why wasn’t an immediate Radio/TV alarm sent out to alert all concerned of a killer on the loose? but on arrival in Jamaica he was caught, but couldn’t get away with the same stunt. Do we trust having him here to stand Trial, with the kind of Judiciary we have here? The Cops is one thing but when Politics is messed up with that lot at the top – I say God help us.

  2. While requesting an independent body to investigate the police may sound good to many, the end result or success rate will be poor. The police have always been weary of outsiders and for the most part, say nothing publicly against their colleagues when confronted by nonmembers. However, history has shown that when the investigator is a fellow police officer, the possibility of cooperation is much greater. Never believe that the police enjoy investigating their own. In fact they can’t wait to hand that function over to an independent body since the know that there will be a greater chance of them walking free when accused of wrongdoing. It is then and only then, we members of the public will truly understand and realize that while not perfect, the police did a good job at investigating their own. Many of us are of the view that offending police officers should just be arrested and charged when reported however, like all other persons who commit crimes, the evidence must first be obtained. A lack of evidence means no charge.

    • Don’t forget the officers that have good “links” with ministers or the police commisioner. They could very well easily get off a crime without the public even knowing.

  3. Criminal Matters .Traffic the police that Investigate .So what Independant investigators Shokld be assigned to investigate police .Persons who are Anti.Police just want to see police officers in St.Lucia Sentence to Bordelais Correctional Facality but that willnever happenin St.Lucia

  4. 🤣 these Senior cops should all be comedians,they sure know how to make you have a laugh on a tough day…Can’t wait to hear what they’ll repeat next 😂

  5. **We have had a very good track record and a lot of success stories to tell as it relates to investigating our own** << Nicholas! which planet are you on and who are you trying to fool? The few positives that the police have gotten recently doesn't mean that such investigation carried out is truthful and even trusted. From the way i saw police officers behave and conduct themselves it clearly justify in my opinion that they are seriously lack of training, many of them believe they are above the law, often behave that they are the magistrate and more so many of them join your force to be extremely vindictive. I would rather feel better to have a secret service investigate the police from top to bottom and provide evidence, at this point no police should be notify that they are under investigation, that being said when an officer are being investigated, the investigator should provide graphic, audio and tangible evidence to justify his/her point of the findings of that officer in question. This is where and how you can talk about track record.

    • I agree there’s more to do because I have a situation right now with some one who lives in the US! Came to stlucia and damaged my stuff and was not arrested 🙃 even if she was found at the since! Because the officer in charge was her brother’s friend


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