Senior Cop Responds After Claims He Ordered Cops To Target Protesters In Red

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery has spoken in the aftermath of claims that he instructed police officers to target protestors who were wearing red, the colour of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), during an ‘unlawful’ anti-government motorcade on Sunday.

Outspoken government critic and Talk Show personality, Christopher Hunte, was arrested during the event.

Christopher Hunte moments before he was taken into police custody

A note which purportedly appeared in a station diary in Dennery and was allegedly from Charlery, has been making the rounds on social media.

According to the note, all persons wearing red ‘shall be diverted back to Castries.’

Social media post

“I was not physically in Dennery at all during that time frame when that note was written,” the Acting Deputy Police Commissioner told St Lucia Times.

He disclosed that the matter is currently the subject of an internal investigation.

Charlery told St Lucia Times that at the “right time” he will be speaking out on the entire situation and hopefully, everything would be “clarified”.

“That time is when I give my evidence in the matter against Christopher Hunte, where he is charged for instigating, leading and organising an illegal march contrary to the public order act,” the senior police officer stated.

Hunte is scheduled to appear in court on July 23.

Charlery declared that he looks forward to presenting his evidence  and being cross examined.

“That is what our system is built on, an environment where you have your prosecution, you have your defence and then the evidence can be scrutinised and the Magistrate will make a decision based on the evidence that is laid before him or her,” Charlery observed.

“I feel that would be the appropriate situation, environment for all of that to be handled and then we will know exactly what transpired,” he asserted.


  1. So we stupid!!! Is that your defence?? You weren’t in Dennery, so your orders are only valid if you’re physically present? Then explain how this same order was issued to orher police stations.
    BTW you’ve proven to the country thst you’re a politician’s puppet cuz you were at the market with Christopher and you didn’t arrest him. However when your BOSS saw the protest was growing he ordered you to arrest Christopher. If Mr Hunte was an organizer of an illegal march, you should be FIRED for your interactions with him at the market indicating a tacit approval. There’s video evidence. You seemed not to have a problem with him there. How did he become a criminal in Canaries?

    • You must be A Real Ass to believe what you wrote there.
      The video was seen after he left castries thanks to the bright ass labour supporter who shared the video.

      • Fool proof it appears that the real ass is you. Charlery did not have to be physically anywhere to issue a command. And he is being a two faced snake because he did give orders and advised how to proceed smartly with the motorcade. But yall dirty hacks will do anything to support youll yellow massa

  2. Internal investigation makes no sense. The name and number of the officer who made the note is there. All they have to do is verify through that officer who gave the instruction, was it through call or direct contact and the time. All of that can be done within a matter of minutes. As former uniform officer, my question is, what investigation?

    • mr Charley come on. are you so stupid man. is that the best you can do. do you take all st Lucians ti be fools. stop making an ass of yourself.

    • “I was not physically in Dennery at all during that time frame when that note was written.” What a strange thing to say in the year 2020. A message could be delivered by telephone and a host of other devices.
      The log book speaks for itself and has accomplished what it is intended to do. It records significant activity that occurs within a shift. The mere fact that the message is written conveys that someone thought it important. Further, the writing style is consistent with what is already in the log book.
      Charlery will have to tell a better lie… really fast. My advice to him is to step up and take it like a man.

  3. The Commissioner Should have a Senior Officer investigate that information that was Circulated over Social Media .The police Station Diary that’s really out of place

  4. Obviously they told them to target people wearing red UWP is now showing there true colours and bit by bit those UWP hacks will finally realise the truth.

  5. The sad reality is that if it was the other way around none of you’ll divided party people would say anything. POLITRIX HAS DIVIDED AND A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND.

  6. People of SLU, rest assured there will be no court case in July.
    It will be dismissed, and so it will go on, until it dies a natural death.

    Know your country, I have been here long enough to recognise the trend.

  7. Poor excuse Charlery, even a 2 year old would laugh at this feeble attempt at saving your tail if indeed you gave that command.
    However there is an even more serious issue here for St Lucians to take note of. An entry in a police diary is supposed to be a confidential matter so how could it be making the rounds on social media. That clearly tells us that if we make a report to the police it will become public knowledge and our lives may be in danger depending on who the report was made about.

  8. Something smells very fishy here. The stench of power hangs over this whole affair. This guy must be doing someone else’s bidding or his position is making him feel untouchable so he can do as he please. Or well…only in St. Lucia!!!

  9. That video of Hunte proves nothing who knows at what time it was taken. It couldve been before Richard anounce no match anyway all that is insignificant and drawining ppl away from the main issue which is to remove that tyrant at the helm. The man is selfish . The man talks about tourism is our main contributor to the economy yet still what is being done to help hotel workers in this pandemic. Absolutely nothing. Sorry but i dont like this guy attitude and Mr King you not saying anything this guy doest like you he just used you to win the last election.

  10. SLP politicians and supporters typical for making noise, shouting at the top of their voices and showing up in large numbers everywhere; but it was the silent majority that decided the results of the elections in 2016 and they will do it again next election.

    • Pauletta you are wise…the silent majority is all the strongest. We not blind. And we have taste. The white man visions sweet and simple unlike the other party they taste like kenny Anthony..dry and rotten. A man who said he will never ask investors to come here with a wife that’s the head of the witches and demons consulate. Sad huh…

    • Apparently you have forgotten about the orange march, the Soufriere bridge protest, Mwen fache to name a few. Please remove the piece of tar in your eyes before trying to move the spec in others’ eyes.

  11. If this is how slp will win elections then I know the current government is doing something beautiful. I don’t see anything thing wrong with the Pm. The slp should stop brainwashing the youth. The Island being shut down for health purposes is now used by the slp government to gain points…please that’s pathetic. Stop complaining and show us what you people have done for 25 years apart from selling st lucia to the Chinese. The horse race track was welcomed by the people of vf so please don’t try to make this an issue. Kenny wants back and he is desperate.

    The jealousy for the works of the white man and his cabinet is despicable. As for hunte…like really. Sad reality is st Lucians like to beg for bread. Chastanet has done more for st lucia in 4 years than Kenny and his goons in 25years.
    I see Emma buying souls like always…coming back to leak her vomit. She left soufriere for 40years and now claims she is here to stay. Sad what power can do to people.

    Sad but it’s flambeau for me. The choice is simple,stay wealthy in spirit or die starving begging bread. Never rouge…slp plays politics with your food unlike flambeau they deliver on that ti bouche.
    Wake up Lucians and open your eyes. Same old story with the labour party.

    • You truly lack any intelligence. You are accusing SLP of selling land to the Chinese when your government has given it to them at 99 cents an acre. Come on be objective. Now show me what UWP has done for St. Lucia for the over 50 years they’ve been in power.

  12. We need to stop paying these guys with our tax money . Police should operate within the law and not according to political operative desires

  13. It’s obvious the Police force hierarchy has been tainted by political interference which is very dangerous.

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