Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Seven Houses Destroyed In Rose Hill Fire

Tragedy struck early in the New Year when a devastating fire at Rose Hill, Castries,  left seven households without shelter.

There were no reports of injuries.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) reported that the fire occurred shortly after midnight Monday and quickly devoured the closely built wooden buildings.

According to reports from the community, the fire spread so rapidly that most victims were able to flee with only the clothes they were wearing.

One man who was asleep at the time of the blaze had to be quickly awakened so that he could flee to safety.

Aftermath of Rose Hill Fire

Firefighters from headquarters in Castries responded with two appliances and one ambulance, while the Gros Islet and Babonneau fire stations provided backup, the Fire Service disclosed.

By the time the firefighters arrived, the homes were already engulfed in flames, a Fire Service official told St Lucia Times.

The official explained that the emergency responders encountered ‘great difficulty’ in accessing the scene of the fire due to poor parking on the narrow access road to the community.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.


  1. They need to have more fire equipment for the fire stations in St-Lucia especially the one in Castries.
    Raise funds,ask for donations etc.
    People need to stop parking on narrow roads.

  2. My sympathy to the families who lost their homes….
    sad that in this day and age your house would burn down cuz our roads too narrow and vehicles park on both sides!!!….. im sure we can invest in couple mini fire trucks.. lol

  3. A law need to be passed urgently to take away any responsibility from government for vehicles damaged due to poor parking as lives were at stake.

  4. You see.guy Joseph wants everybody in St Lucia to own a car.some of them take all their first savings to buy a car and cannot avoid insurance, registration,tyres and gas money.so where all these cars gonna park?

    • Are you serious? Instead of expressing words of consolation to the homeless victims, you are engaging in vitriolic politics? Have you no empathy or decency?
      My heart bleeds for all those who are affected by this tragic event. May they find strength to persevere and overcome this adversity.
      The narrowness of roads and the parking of vehicles must never become a risk to people’s lives. The safety of all human life must always be given top priority.

  5. So sad to start off the New year. The motorists parking on these narrow roads, that’s the results. Especially the car that was parked on the fire hydrant. That driver should have been charged

  6. My people; Take courage for the hard times ahead. Remember just this: if you serve the Gog that i serve, then, my GOD WILL PROVIDE! GENESIS 22:8

  7. My sincere simpathies with all those that lost their homes.Cant we find a way,to supply electricity,to all these houses,so they can stop using candles,this candle bussines is the root to all the fires.If all these houses could have a small electronic unit that comes on at night and just gives light,inside the premises.Im sure the solution is close,and cheap.People use candles bacause of finantial constrains,houses that cant pass an inspection,that just have cables running around nailed to pilars or rafters,all houses of wood.For many this is all they can aford to have .Lets all put brains together and start changing things,and stop lamenting tragedies

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