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Seventeen Year Old Shot Dead In Castries

A seventeen year old male was shot dead Saturday morning in the Georgeville area of Castries.

Then deceased has been identified as Akim Antoine, alias ‘Kodak’.

His aunt, Cleo, told St Lucia Times he was like a son to her.

She called for justice to be meted out to his killer or killers.

Cleo described Antoine as a loving child.

She asserted that she was not making the statement simply because of her relationship to the deceased.

“I never know him to be arrested by the police or be in a gang,” the aunt explained.

She said Antoine was a ‘talker’.

“He will say: ‘I will shoot you’, but to take action – he was a coward. He would run away,” Cleo recalled.

She said Antoine was shot about 5.00 am and stayed on the ground for about an hour before eventually succumbing.

Cleo said she was not aware of the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of the seventeen year old.


      • And you eh go and burst deh or his brains for killing your cuz. The man is speaking the truth you want to kill him. That’s why adults don’t want to talk or have anything to do with ya’ll. So ya’ll are left alone to kill one another in the dream, cartoon or movie like role life ya’ll living. If he was known to talk about killing and was a coward then hell yeah he talked too much and to the wrong people. moral of the story if you ain’t about that life then don’t try to fake it cause the real dogs do bit and their bites really do kill. R.I.P Akim and KNINE instead of worry about bursting an innocent man head for speaking the truth try and change your life around and also try and get some monies legally to help bury him. Please young men learn from this. Life is no joke and the killers don’t play. You aren’t the baddest and won’t be the last armed badman. Badness ain’t no trophy the only reward is death by violence.


      • Knine u a jackass or what tell me why would tell someone u have no issue with u will shot then run away well will twll no one he will shot them again maybe he had a gun also that why he tellin ppl he will shot them

      • Sounds like yall used to blow each other behind the CDC after school. I hope you have the same coming for you soon.

      • Knine, Castries Fisherman sounds like a real heartless idiot for his comments. However you cannot trade words for physical violence. You said you don’t know who he is, but what if he knows who you are and comes after you for threatening him? Or you bust his head and his relatives come back to bust your head or worst. You see how this thing goes. I know you must be hurting but let your better judgement and intellect be your guide. And condolences to you and your family. May your cousin rest in peace.

      • That is why the bust your cousin brain, Maybe you should learn and stop this useless threatening talk. Learn to be good so you can get good.Otherwise the same that happen to him could happen to ypu. Pray and be good my brother

      • If your cuz was a rotten apple, then it’s one less bad apple around…i had a cousin who was worse and I am glad they kill him.
        My yute, whether its family or not never accept or tolerate bad mind mind behaviour.

        He dig a pit…he call in it

        if he was innocent…then his killer will die like a dog, eh worry yourself

        Live your life

      • Lol the typical.line stupid niggers like to repeat.” Oh doh say dat or it will happen to you” you sound like such a female. Another reason why things won’t change cuz ignorant chimps like you never hold people accountable for their bad behaviour.

  1. Mate had Dat coming not now… Aunty playing like she eh kno d mun was in gang nd putting down robberies, well anyways dats wat dem fellas Dat wNt to play “badboy” getting…

    • D OTHER YUTE you are speaking the truth my brother but still it is sad to see young lives wasted and taken like that. And what the Prime Minister said about single mothers is true because he came from such a household whereby none of them tried to uplift themselves only what they know how to do is make the situation worse for themselves and that’s the cycle that they are repeating. Sad but true. R.I.P Akim but that the life you choose my brother. Badness don’t pay. Oh Aunty there’s no way he could have last so long cause by the time the last shot hit his body he was gone. Execution Style murders don’t leave you to recover they make sure that you are gone so the ambulance couldn’t have done anything for him but just take him to the morgue ok.

  2. A 17 year old boy is out 5 am in the morning where is his mom and dad he should have been in bed at this time of the night maybe his father is a security guard working the night shift for peanut money and his mother a hotel worker earning 300 hundred dollars and 2 points service charge a fort night

    • freemason same thing i was thinking…17 years and out at 5am doing what….i mean its not totally bizarre..but i remember stories of my aunts and uncles as children being out and they telling u all of them go out with their little money n thing n come home late n mummy would beat them and u know the rest is still history..but these days its like the young ppl cant be out late n not find themselves in some sort of trouble…i am not saying that ppl cannot be shot innocently but its sad at 17 to die like this…a life wasted…more and more this country is getting into a state that is really not good especially with our young people…saying i will shoot you and all that nonsense i mean come on ppl….if at that age that coming from your mouth then we have a major problem on our hands….to the killer or killers God is not asleep…imagine u took that innocent life and may have not said to urself one day it could be you too..parents guardians spent time with the children talk to them love them..we kno money cannot buy everything..if u can teach them to wash, cook, something do it….pray with them…i kno them will not be perfect but the parents have a major part in the children’s life to play….

    • Again,niggers (not the same as a black person) people know nothing about accountability. I hope to read more feel good stories like this in the coming weeks. You were trash Akim, play a stupid game, win a stupid prize.

  3. We never know what our children doing when they out der.we always say they were good.maybe good to you but out der they undercover.we all have to pray and never enjoy when things happen to someone else child cause we never Kno who is next it can be you or it can be me.RIP

  4. A 17 year old out at 5:00 a.m. doing what? On his way with his parents to help them on the farm; helping them prepare a fishing boat to go fishing; or helping them open their place of business? If he was shot at 5:00 a.m., it means that he was out before 5:00 a.m. Some of these youths better change direction else they will be heading for self destruction.

  5. They all knew what He was Involved in .And they all know why he Died .who Killed Him and where he was liming also his Friends

    • B that guy was arrested months ago for cannabis and a search was made by police where he leaves in george ville so when the aunty talkin her crap sayin he was not doin anything she better be careful and know what she sayin

    • he tell a man he going to take his gun to kill them in town so tell that auntie Cleo stop trying to cover him for the things he doing…. nevertheless he was a brother, uncle,nephew and son.. so condolences to the family…

  6. You want to live in the street learn how to walk it.You want to play tough get ready to die,All the tough guys they are all buried.You want to live play smart.But for that you have to have brains,and not many have them.

  7. Shame so young,I smile thinking of his conversation he would be having with his friends.Shame his friends were no good, they only helped to bring him down.When you are in a gang,your brains are in a box you cant think,all you want is to show bravado,to mantain the respect from the gang,that is your shield that keeps you alive.Sad life when you live on the wrong side of the law,you dont live long.

  8. As the man Aunty that’s what you coming and say ? You want people to watch the man as a coward smh, is best you had just keep your mouth closed.

    • Real g hving my cuz look like a shate gassa smh…d mhun was real..if someting had to b done he doing it chpz

  9. 17 year old on the street at 5am. He threatened people sayin he would shoot them. I think they waited too long to kill him.
    The aunt sound like a “situeze”. The thing about her is she benefited from him putting down the robberies etc.

  10. He had all his weed planted in buckets in a old wooden house lady jus shut your mouth if u dont know what u sayin i can tell u time where place he was arrested and time he was taken to his home for the search those asshole robbin ppl all in the wee hours of the morning in town a whole group of them but the police will get them even a 14 yr old was arrested last week for robbin someone on the square his parent had to come to the station

  11. Not now mate had to die.. playin dem goon ting and talkin bad.. ppl tht eh kno always hv a f****** to come and say.. yall eh even kno about them likkle fellas potential.. put hand in fire for them still..

    • Well said Citizen. and it always seems to be the women defending the behaviour…until they wake up one day to find the “good boy” in their bedroom at night with a knife, coming to take their life and belongings. Men time to step up and take back our place as the leaders of the household and country. Can run a society by emotions, we must use the logic that GOD BLESSED MEN WITH.

  12. SMH. I know I might sound strange, But why so many women picking up USELESS males to make children with. Plz women TAKE TIME TO KNOW HIM. Avoid having kids raising up without fathers. And it just seems the cycle continues. I know about 5 beautiful, young productive ladies who recently made kids for useless males (who in ghetto, only drinks n smokes, not working etc.). SMH. There are good guys out there. TOO MANY KIDS ESPECIALLY BOYS GROWING UP WITHOUT THEIR FATHERS.

    • That’s because many black women in our semi primitive society are irresponsible and don’t know anything about being accountable for their actions. The women in this society set the tone for everything. If they didn’t show useless goons love, the goons will change their behaviour to suit what the women are looking for.

      • LIFE & DEATH are in the power of the tongue. He might have been calling it upon others, telling them he will shoot them, but the tables turned. It fell upon him instead.

      • That’s the problem…. what they showed the “goons” was not love…….bad ppl do good thinks and good ppl are still capable of doing bad things.

    • IT DOESN’T MATTER WITH WHOM U MAKE THE children. They all have the right to choose what to do with their lives and some of them just make the wrong choices.

      • Are you saying that parents/ guardians do not have a responsibility to love, guide and protect their children, whilst providing their basic need: food, shelter, clothing and education? …… Well, any child deprived in this regard is likely to end up being maladjusted in society, throughout his or her life span …. take a look at the backgrounds of all young people who are a menace in society ….

  13. No lie, I’m not surprised that happened to him, what night i saw him town, starring at the security whose head down is his phone, when I looked at him cause I see what he was about to do, he chupps and left, btw that security was armed, oh well parents raise your kids in the lord so when they grow old they will not depart from it


  15. wat the fck happen to urll d man dead ok fine bad company yes but do u know u see him around thats it ….but everyone has sum 2 say he gas a fcking family wheather he was in a gang or not they still loved him and will always defend life or death so check ur self b4 u run a talk no one knew his situation or how it was so shut the fck up …knine condolences bruh….kodak r.i.p #1800

    • Bull****. According to the comments, quite a few knew him. Those he have allegedly hurt or robbed have families too so stop with the one sided bull my bro. Friend or not, you just just shouldn’t comment because everyone has families. Those who waste their time doing what he allegedly did will ultimately be killed too.

  16. Lol
    I had to come on here to agree with you on your point about women helping perpetuate the bad boy behaviour. Been saying for years. That’s what they want, then when their ass burst they are left to raise a child. Continuing the cycle

  17. It kills me everytime I hear people blame single parents as a reason for a child behavior. I am a single mother of 3, my kids are doing great. Oldest one just graduated from university, two others are straight “A” students. It have to do with the morals, value, self worth and respect we teach our kids. My mom was also a single mom not that our dad was a deadbeat but died suddenly when we were only 11 and 13 and she did a great job with parenting us… I dont know this family so can’t comment on their situation. Being a single parent is no crime nor is it an excuse for kids behavior. I also know kids who have both parents around and are worthless thugs out there

    • Yes but they are still missing a father figure. Being a single parent is against Gods plan for the family. Despite thinking that you are capable of giving your children what they need, you cannot without a positive male figure in the house. Without a man around, they will be emotionally driven as you are, and will not be taught the lesson of using logic and not emotions to deal with citations that life may present.

      Single parenthood should never be somehti g to aspire to or be proud of, your children will never be complete without the father. This is fact. Also stop having children outside of marriage.

      • Here comes a righteous a**hole. Being a single parent doesn’t just come out of having kids out of wedlock. Marriages fall apart, parents die and the parent decide to do it alone or chooses not to rush into another relationship… Secondly hopefully you have done nothing which goes against God’s will .. You may need a man/woman to validate you and keep you strong while others are quite fine doing it alone.. There is no shame in being a single parent
        Alot of you’ll stay in unhealthy and unhappy marriages to show I have a husband/wife . Isn’t that doing more damage to a child in being in a broken home and unhappy home. Than a patent (mom or dad) raising them alone.

  18. Why would someone kill a 17 year old ? What is going on ? Protect our yutes. They are the future. Smh

  19. I read all the comments and 90%of them are not good. They describe the 17 years old as a obstacle to society. Aunty, friends and families we do understand the pain, when death knocks on our door. But have it ever crossed your minds that when he did these things, that he might be someone who has already bought death to someone else’s door, or would have one say? Let’s not be hypocrites here. Rip to him. But you’ll will sleep better now you’ll know where he is at, and he will not be any more danger to others. Let it be an example to the rest of his friends. These young kids are very disrespectful. Comments shows that he was a thief. See how a family man got killed at his own home, because people like Akim would not understand that they could find a job. Who knows if he was not involved. So don’t come for me. I am a mother, I thank God my kids has ears to hear and listen to me when ever I speak. They love me and I love them too. But I will not pretend if ever they would do things like the aunty. You’ll need to stop covering for them, when the give their damn life s to the fuc…. Devil. He will come for you’ll too. Nonsense. Clean up the damn place. Let crick and rambally benefit these evilous intention young stupid souls. Betisse

  20. As bad as they are, once they kill them out of the blue they are good. The aunty know all what her nephews cousins and her nieces are doing. She knows they are bad trouble makers always wanting to kill somebody.

  21. Those parents or guidance needs to get life insurance for these reckless kids, so when they die, at least someone could bury them. Someone needs to put something in place for that. They do all their crime and when they are called “the body” someone has to try to bury them. The steal and leaves nothing for the rip days. Faire che

  22. Yall People Yall Know What D Man Was Goimg Through Gasa Yall Eh Know Yall Just Judging D Man Gasa Half Of Yall Dat Saying All Yall Shate As He Die Yall Coulda Never Say It In His Face Accept My Sympathy Aunty Cleo R.I.P Cody 😢😭😭Ii Miss Yuu Fam

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