Several People Hospitalised After Two Vehicles Collide

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Emergency personnel transported several people to the hospital Friday afternoon after a minibus and a car collided near St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, Marisule.

An individual at the scene told St Lucia Times that a Nissan Tiida and a minibus travelling in opposite directions collided about 1:30 pm.

Reports indicate that the Tiida had four individuals on board, and the minibus had ten.

Crews from the Gros Islet and Castries fire stations initially transported at least five persons to the hospital.

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But later reports indicated that the crews eventually transported other accident victims.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Most people are blaming bus drivers. What about private owners? From what I see there the car is at fault in this accident. Drivers should slow down and also stop the reckless driving. Like crime citizens should take responsibility for their actions when using the road ways.

  2. Re Article.The drives don’t obey the road signs..
    Especially the sign at Morgan Bay Exit and entrance.. We need to understand the Smith system… Road safety..Too many Alcohol addicted minds on the roads (24-7. This should stop ASAP..
    Parry’s Driving lessons… Fee advice.. Stop the drinking and driving.. just commonsense people..

  3. Gros Islet bus drivers are the only route that have the most accident on their route.
    These guys drink rum and gamble all day long. Where is the traffic police to monitor them. This is just rediculas. Transport board need to have a seminar on road safety with these Gros Islet bus drivers for real. Everyday y’all in accident, come on now.

  4. Seems that you guys are just sitting on your chairs doing nun but bla bla bla. Since you have the idea and solution can you kindly start naming the approach to stop accidents?
    Who,why,what,where,when,how, can you start with these and work your way up? It may share some light on your comment strategy.

  5. It is either two things either the road is taking lives or drivers are ready to kill themselves. St. Lucians might be tapping the Guinness Book of world record to have the most accident on road ways than any other countries on this planet. If one can look back even during curfew time it used to have accidents so this country seems to be blight with drivers.

  6. That Choc hill always got accidents, as though it cursed. We never hear whats the alchohol or drug level with these drivers. If every body takes their time they will get to their destination.

  7. Lawlessness is rampant in this country. The laws are simply not enforced. Enforce the damn traffic laws and boost the economy.

  8. the driving laws in st lucia are a joke. they should look into those driving schools. to many accidents in that little 2 by 4 island. its like those people cant drive. fast driving from minibus drivers u cant report them cause nothing is done to them.

  9. Let’s see, the authorities are waiting on a major accident where 15 people perish to clamp down on crazy driving. Well every accident where people get injured is considered a major accident. Get the hell off your office chair and go outside to do your work. St.Lucia is getting out of hands and everyone will suffer if we don’t do what is expected of us.


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