Several Persons Injured In Vehicle Accident At Sarrot

Seven persons were injured Wednesday afternoon in a vehicle accident at Sarrot, the Saint Lucia Fire Service has reported.

Assistant Divisional Officer, David Antoine, told St Lucia Times that about 5.03 p.m. fire officers from the Castries, Gros Islet and Babonneau fire stations responded to the incident.

He said on arrival on the scene it was discovered that a mini-bus with 14 passengers on board had run off the road.

Antoine disclosed that seven of the passengers were transported to hospital by emergency personnel.

He told St Lucia Times that the injured sustained lacerations to the face and head, with one broken limb being reported.

The senior fire officer said there were six emergency vehicles on the scene.




  1. This is the second time in a year that a minibus drives off the road in Sarot.Can it be that the road is to narrow? or is speed the problem? lets see what the passengers have to say.

  2. Seems alot of people keep having accidents at sarrot for some reason also there is a complaint about a pole which drivers usually crash into

  3. Well you know most of our country villages were just houses sprung up in any fashion with out much order,planning department never came out to see what was going on.So people have the boundaries of their land that ends on the road edge.This leaves no room for a walkway for pedestrians,and it leaves no room to widen some of these roads that were designed in the days of mule carts,and not for these times.Sarot has a main road that runs straight down the, town,the road was built on a ridge,so you have steep slopes on either side with no walls or protective barriers,and the road is narrow,and if you happen to encounter a walking pedestrian,plus a vehicle coming in your direction you have to stop,or fly the pedestrian of the ridge.A wall would be a solution plus some kind of walk way.Are these dreams ?

    • Yeah man but don’t wake up if it’s back to St Lucia’s harsh reality you’re coming back to. Perhaps it’s better that way.

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