Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Several Unvaccinated Teachers In Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Fired

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CMC News:–  Several teachers have been formally dismissed from their jobs for failure to take a COVID-19 vaccine as mandated without medical or religious exemptions, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) confirmed on Thursday.

The union told CMC News that as of Wednesday, 12 teachers had informed the union they had received dismissal letters.

“We expect that more would come in today and we are monitoring very closely what is happening, but the union’s commitment is to assist all of its members, both vaccinated and unvaccinated,” the union’s president, Oswald Robinson, said, adding that a number of the teachers had indicated they had not received any salary for December.

“Salaries are supposed to be paid today and some people have already checked and know that they have not received any salary [for December].”

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Under the government’s vaccine mandate, frontline workers, including teachers, would be considered as absent without leave – even if they did show up for work – once they were not fully vaccinated.

Some teachers had been turning up to work despite their unvaccinated status and Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves had warned they would not be paid.

CMC News has obtained a December 10 letter to a teacher from Chief Personnel Officer, Arlene Regisford-Sam, informing of her termination.

The letter stated that the teachers had failed to comply with Rule 5 of the Public Health (Public Bodies Special Measures) Rules 2021 and, as a result, had been deemed absent from duty without leave since November 22, 2021.

“Accordingly, on behalf of the Public Service Commission, I have to inform you that you are deemed to have resigned your office with effect from December 7th, 2021 and have ceased to be an officer, in accordance with Regulation 31 of the Public Service Commission Regulation, Chapter 10 of the Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,” the termination letter stated.

Robinson said he has told the fired teachers that the union would be fighting on their behalf.

“I sent a voice note out to them to tell them to just stay focused… and we are moving forward with our legal battle still and at some point in time we may have other actions coming up,” the SVGTU boss said.

He added that his executive would meet on Friday.

“We are going to consolidate, we are going to strategize what we are going to do in the upcoming week,” Robinson said.

“We are monitoring very closely but we are definitely taking action. Our legal counsel are supposed to be filing sometime today or tomorrow and we are going forward in full force, straight to the end. We are not going to give up, we are not going to leave anybody unaccounted for.”

The union leader said a programme may be implemented to assist those teachers who have not received a December salary.

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  1. There are over 3000 teachers in Saint Vincent and 12 persons got fired for not taking the vaccine. Seems like people crying over spilled milk.

  2. What a Christmas for those teachers- i feel it for them. But then again, as humans in the Caribbean we HAVE to take MMR and so many other mandatory vaccines, soooooooooo…………….?

  3. and just a matter of time the time of trouble is coming…..u all think we have to delight in all this nonsense???

  4. It must happen here , whether we like it or not. Everyone in this country need to get prepared. It must get worst. The fact is that front line workers and government workers should be vaccinated. Next year will be the year of implementation for vaccine mandates. Ppl prophesy is being fulfilled, Jesus is coming again. Get ready.

  5. Good job SVG. We all should play our part. Too many dumb f..ks and their bs propaganda that they inherited from bleach drinking trump. Not today those idiots getting vax for all sorts of viruses but now is a problem.

  6. For you unionised and other people that are rejoicing and note taking note that people are being fired for not wanting to be part of a medical experiment. There will come a time when the goalposts will move once again and the government will mandate you do something else that you don’t want to. I hope there are people left to stand together with you. New Zealand has already banned smoking for certain groups. Tyrants never willingly give up power.

  7. The power has gone up to his head Ralph is a dirty Freemason he will soon be out of power and driven to the gates of hell

  8. Well you loathe yourself. You have had a few months to take the vaccine and have not. Keep quiet, because I am guided by rules I will not tell you SHUT UP!!!

  9. Even if I am not yet vaccinated, I like the stand taken by Gonzales. I loathe the attitude of “do as I please. The civilized world is guided by rules and regulations. One said “let them do it here”. We need a leader can deal with this blatant lawlessness that we have here. Only in SLU !

  10. We should not be crying cause when Helair realize his Vax Mas campaign have failed this will come to pass in St Lucia as well, especially if the St Vincent Teachers Union do not shut down the country. Remember our unions here are all SLP, hook line and sinker so if Pierre institutes that in St Lucia everyone will have their tails between their legs. St Vincent teachers and workers be the catalyst for preventing that nonsense from spreading throughout the Caribbean.

  11. Thats good for them Vincie. All u hv a PM for almost 20yrs now. Obvioulsy7 the man eh care with all u. U think he interested in leading Vincie again. How stupid can all u be to lv all u homes and vote for dat man. Take what all u get. Even here in Lucai we getting what we deserve. STEP, Cut Grass, Crime riddled country. I fear for us in 5 yrs time. We in the Caribbean need to take Politics seriously and stop acting like slaves with a wip on our backs. SMH. Vincies voted for Ralph.

  12. we need to stand in solidarity with our fellow colleagues. WE NEED TO UNITE ACROSS THE CARIBBEAN AND STOP THAT ABSURDITY HAPPENING.

  13. Laborian, I know Laborie to produce some very sensible people so I doubt you are from Laborie. If you are, then you are the scum of the earth from Laborie. Now don’t rejoice idiot, because that means that you are worthless, evil and without any good quality. Imagine a human being (well supposedly) rejoicing over people losing their jobs and unable to take care of their families. Well, we are happy to have a joker because it appears that people with good sense and compassion are jokers. Not strange that you not a joker because you are evil but still you are an evil idiot. Its the first time I will say something very positive about our joker, continue being the compassionate person that you are. If being compassionate means being a joker, then from now on I am in your corner.

    • “I know Laborie to produce some very sensible people so I doubt you are from Laborie ” The Yellow Johncrow is from Laborie ; and their is nothing sensible about him…he is a Archie Bunker/ Trump want to be/ David Duke/Steve Bannon/RuPaul all rolled up in one.

  14. well well well after so many years of service it has come to this??? thats why i tell ppl the you love the job and the employer but they wont love you back..once u sick u have waist pain or any pain STAY HOME go on sick leave,….

    in a day many are fired just because of a vaccine

    we need to show these leaders who really run tings

  15. awa awa awa this bs has to stop Now i see why that woman had burst your head, you mean to tell me because the people dont take a vaccine they firing the people? that’s real discrimination yow, after all people have their rights. After teachers already taking so much from some of you spoilt children even when the teachers on vacation they still have to come to meetings and a whole bunch of crap and this is how they are repaid for not taking a vaccine.

    haa boy if this hits here i am afraid the rude awakening might come but then again maybe not cause lucians all they have is talk and no action or sometimes you only hearing one person make noise and the rest hiding doing soucer. All teachers in saint vincent should go on strike.

  16. tell them do it here……voice notes will be insufficient…ppl losing their jobs over this??? nonsense

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