Sexual Exploitation of Girls by Male Teachers Within the Public Education System

PRESS RELEASE: Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc.: Information reaching us indicates girls within the public education system are not safe or protected from sexual exploitation. “Girls are monitored, once sixteen (16) years of age, male teachers indoctrinate them into dangerous and unhealthy sexual relationships, specifically those who are vulnerable and from poor homes with unemployed mothers and/or parents” our source indicated.

The situation is further aggravated when male teachers coerce female  students to have abortions and also use intimidation tactics to silence them to protect their relationships, jobs and reputation.

Education, in its broadest sense, is a “service” which is guaranteed as a  human right. Sexual exploitation of girls is therefore prohibited; but, many male teachers prey on girls and it appears they even monitor girls to ensure they are one day pass age of consent to initiate them in sexual relationships.

We are sending out a very strong call to the custodians of the public  education system i.e. Ministry of Education, Teaching Service Commission, St. Lucia Teaches Union, Principals Associations, Principals and Teachers to ensure the safety of girls within the public education system from sexual predators posing as teachers. And to advocate for the implementation of policies to protect girls and bring male teachers who engage in sexual relationships with students to account.

We encourage the Ministry of Education to appoint a Chief Education Officer to oversee the welfare of all students in the quickest possible timeframe.


  1. The publication of this statement from a veiled cryptic source is irresponsible and reckless especially given the very sweeping generalizations that are made here. There is no intention noted in this missive that shows regard for the integrity of those teachers (male and female) who do not fit this predatory, criminal and disgusting description which is ascribed here to all male teachers. This organization continues to be allowed to operate like a bull in a China shop, and while this de classe and unprofessional attitude may buy headlines, feed the rumor mill and whet the appetite of some, I fear that great damage is being doing to those whom the organization professes to have concern for. Passion must be tempered with wisdom and professionalism.

  2. Simple solution enact legislation to make it mandatory that anyone found guilty of such is given 25 years prison time. It will stop

  3. I agree expose them to the public and jail them with the maximum jail time because it is physical and mental rape to our children

  4. This article speaks to a minority of teachers. In all organizations there are people who are sexually preyed upon and it happens to both whether male or female.. I am a male teacher and I teach with other males at a secondary school and this article is baseless and not credible. This Sealys lady should not be allowed to release propaganda like this and the editor of this site should not listen to every dog that barks.

  5. The article did Not say “Most” male teachers. It says “many” male teachers. If one male teacher does that, it is one too many!

    We all know there are cases; support the cause to protect our children, not just girls – boys as well – in school and elsewhere.

  6. I have grown to have very little to no time for this organization. However hate the dog but say it’s teeth are white. This is the gospel truth. And for those asking for examples! How quickly do we forget. Walleigh people! This young teacher from the Bexon PRIMARY school that abuse pre teens and ran to New York. Wasn’t there a case recently where one was arrested on returning after spending 10yrs away? And there are countless others example. Even female teachers are similarly guilty of these abhorrent acts. It should just be mandatory if you are investigated and found wanting, you are immediately fired, pension stripped, and your name published in every new paper. If the children are minors the jackpot! BCF!

  7. Yes Pete, I was the first to comment but because I questioned the motives of the Advocacy ?? Group you take my comment down. Ok. censure my boy, censure

  8. That has been going on for s while and I can see it getting worst if there aren’t guidelines to “guilds how teachers interact with students. After school lessons need to monitored, teachers should not remain with a student alone in the classroom. If these men like their job, they need to protect themselves on the job. Avoid these situations.

  9. Get with the program Saint Lucia. This is an issue that plagues the Island, and some of us are turning a blind eye. The point is not many, more, or a few…it is happening and those who perpetuate these injustices must pay the price. When we bring awareness to a problem, that’s when change happens.

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