Shams awaiting meeting with PM

The CEO of Lambirds Academy, Doctor Iftekhar Shams, has told reporters here that he is awaiting a meeting with Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet.

“I am waiting for that and I am hoping that he will give me the appointment as fast as possible,” Shams said.

He indicated that he would like to start a number of projects should he get the blessing of the Prime Minister.

Shams declared that his academy had no issue with its students.

“They have given me all the false charges and now they are losing all the cases,” he told reporters.

He said his co-defendants are still incarcerated.

“They are crying every day,” Shams said, adding that the men still have no clue as to why they are in prison.

Shams said he had seven offices in seven countries, all of which have been shut down.

” I don’t know why I have come here to invest. If it is a crime for someone to come here to invest, then I have done my crime,” he asserted.

Asked why he would still want to invest in Saint Lucia, Shams said the human trafficking charge that was slapped on him  is the worst ever in his country and the Middle East, carrying the death penalty.

“I cannot go back with this sticker – they have already damaged me,” the Bangladesh national explained.

Shams had charges against him  of obtaining property by deception withdrawn last month.

The matter was settled through a criminal mediation process.

The affected parties, the Nepalese students, were reimbursed the monies that they had expended towards tuition and other expenses paid to Lambirds Academy.

While the obtaining of property by deception matter has concluded, the human trafficking case is still pending.

However Shams has expressed confidence that the human trafficking case will not stand up in court.